David Amerson(Dudley HS) and the N.C. State defense dominate the Wolfpack’s Spring Game this past Saturday in front of 24,797 fans

One heck of a turnout for a Sring Football game in Raleigh this past Saturday, where the defense dominated the Kay Yow Spring Game and the former Dudley Panther, David Amerson, was on the prowl once again, with a big interception to lead the Black team to a victory over the Red team….The crowd was listed at 24,797 and that’s bigger than what some college teams draw on Saturday afternoons in the fall…

After the game Amerson told the reporters:
“Our defensive line definitely got after the quarterback today,” Amerson said. “And the defensive backs and linebackers were flying around making plays. The linebackers we’ve got are athletic. They’ve just got to get into the scheme of the defense and get confident.”(from WRALSportsFan.com)

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  1. Ok, if that stadium at capacity holds roughly 53,000, are you Andy implying that on this day it was almost half full. Who provideed this neglect data. I was at the game and it wasn`t hardly a 1/4 occupied.

    Someone has grossly over-estimated. If it was 13k there, I would have been surprised.

    I`m not sure what purpose over inflating your attendance serves, be happy with 13k because its twice as many as last year.

  2. The folks at WRALSportsfan are the ones that are reporting the math….Here is their caption line:
    The 4th annual Kay Yow Spring Game saw the Black team down the White team, 32-7, in front of 24,797 fans at Carter-Finley Stadium on Saturday….

    That’s their line and not mine….I didn’t make it to Raleigh….I was at the Grasshoppers game and the announced attendance there on Satruday night was something like 6,118….

    Teams at State on Saturday were the Black team vs. the White team….I still like the idea of the Red vs. White better….

    Plenty of room for discussion and if Ronnie Yow was there, maybe he could verify some of this….He has a few inside connections in the Athletic Department……

  3. I just talked to a guy that made the trip out to Utah for the Spring Game there Saturday and he said they had 15,000 Utes there for that one, what are other sources reporting???

    Weather spotters
    Traffic reporters
    Inside Sources
    Eric Chiton
    Van Denton
    Lanie Pope……Somebody has to have more on this one…..We may have to go over to the MathNasium for a workout/training session…..

  4. It is a known fact that NCSU uses actual gate counts for their attendances. Unlike our friends down the road who use their best “estimate”. If you have seen both sides of the stadium during the first half you can clearly see this is an accurate number.

  5. Off topic but since this is an NC State article.
    Looks like James Summers has changed his mind again and will go to NC Central.
    I’ll bet the media will bury this SWITCH in the back of the paper and not gush all over it when he change from the Pack to the heels.

  6. Are you sure about that one CBM? James Summers of PAGE to NC Central??????

    That is kind of wild….Big change there……NC State to UNC to NC Central…..

  7. Saw it on BOTH Inside Carolina in which the post was copied to Packpride.
    Maybe this is just message board chatter but since it was on a UNC board I felt like it had validity.

  8. He is apparently off one of the commit lists for UNC.
    Must be the Rivals list because he is still on the scout.com list.
    Why don’t you go by Page and do some investigative reporting?
    I’ll bet you would out scoop the News-Record,N&O and several other mainstream media outlets that gushed over Summers switching from NC State to UNC. I’ll bet they won’t give NCCU the same enthusiastic endorsement for his change to NCCU as they did for his 1st school change.

    *****Was over there yesterday afternoon(Tuesday) to leave some things with Coach Kent and nobody in the house and I will be back over there tomorow(Thursday) hopefully….I looking for it….*****Editor’s note-Andy*****

  9. Was at Page today(Thursday April 26) and football coach Kevin Gillespie said all systems are still go for James Summers to North Carolina….Nothing has changed and James plans on being at UNC…….

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