High Point Christian Academy vs. Wesleyan for today has been postponed until Saturday at 2pm

HPCA vs WES – Cancelled for tonight

High Point Christian and Wesleyan will now play a Doubleheader on Saturday at Oak View Baptist Church beginning at 2:00pm……

*****Looks like HPCA ends up getting home field advantage for all three games, with the Trojans and Cougars this week…..Many are wondering who will throw for both teams in the next two games….What was it, WES over HPCA, 4-1, in Game One back on Tuesday????? Does this give Olzak enough time to come back and throw another game this week for WES and WES should have Nick Blackwood over there somewhere ready to go and who goes next for HPCA, one of the Gesells??? Can Tiger Miller or Weston Wilson go for either of the two squads???

A lot going on, leading up to Saturday……*****