New UNC football coach Larry Fedora is fired up for the Carolina-State rivalry and here is what he is saying…..

New University of North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora, on the N.C. State-North Carolina football rivalry and the coach said on Wednesday:

“I don’t want to talk about [the rivalry] too much because I don’t want to legitimize their(N.C. State’s) program,”

Read everything the coach was saying and he even knew the exact number of days until that game with the Heels and the Pack will be played….Something like 184 days till they meet in the state’s hottest football rivalry and the Heels open the season against South Carolina on ESPN….

CLICK HERE to catch all the coache’s comments…..

That hot line again from Coach Fedora, that really ought to get this thing started, with the new Heels and Tom O’Brien’s Wolfpack……“I don’t want to talk about [the rivalry] too much because I don’t want to legitimize their(N.C. State’s) program,”


  1. What can I say. This new Kerliner Coach did not pay one bit of attention to what his immediate predecessor Everett Withers did.
    This is about like “FLAGSHIP” comments. Larry F(aka MR.HAT) has already given the pre game speech for the Pack. This is the exact same thing Withers did in 2011. Hey UNC—–try something new next time. Also you’d better be able to run the ball vs NC State. Do not try and throw against that secondary.

  2. Fedouche is an idiot.

    He takes over a school that has been cheating for years off the field and he wants to discuss who is legit?

    I really expected more from unc with this hire, but then what was I thinking. You would think he would keep his mouth shut until that mess over there gets cleaned up. And he might want to do something postive on the field before talking.

  3. Just like the last two idiots at Orange County Tech. Writing checks with your mouth that your — can’t cash!

  4. Lets not forget the fundamental message of Fedora`s remark(s). Your team is no measuring stick for sure. Afterall in this Tob era he is only
    slightly above .500 (33-30) he hasnt won a road football game within his division yet and below .500 overall record in conference. That my friend isn`t a program that I would want as a measuring stick maybe Duke woud like to finish .500 within the conference and go to a mid-tier bowl.

    Any coach must play into his fan base just ask Tob he happens to be 2 fluke wins over his rivals away from getting ousted.

    That is what saved John Buntings job a couple a years beating Chuch`s Florida laiden teams.

    Pound your chest all you want but your not a legit program and a guy new to this program certainly shouldn`t aspire to be a .500 football team. Have fun with some real facts.

  5. You know how to teach a Tar Heel to count to 5?

    Answer: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

    Wonder what that says for the “Flagship”?

  6. If this was hypothetically speaking Coach London @UVA telling Coach Beamer@ VA Tech that his program needed to be legitimized they would run him out of town so fast at UVA however your program hasn`t competed for Division title or Conference Championships or a BCS Bowl so I don`t get Fedora getting ridiculed for not looking a this program that wallered in mediocrity as a program he should give any props and/or legitimize.

    Your team isn`t even the best team in the state for last 2 years ask ECU and Wake Forest.

    Only dook would envy your programs pedigree no one and I mean no one, enveys losing half your games ever year.

  7. I do see the reality that NC State has not won an ACC title for one year more than the last time UNC did.
    UNC’s program is not winning the ACC either.
    We can all debate as to the requirements that makie a program legitimate. Whatever those requirements are the UNC program is LESS legitmate than the NC State football program. They have not defeated NC State since 2006. They are on NCAA probation until 2015. They are currently ineligible for post season play. They have had to vacate all wins from 2 seasons. Whether or not either program should be considered legitimate then UNC is less than NC State.

  8. 1st off: Andy, couple days late on the story.

    2nd: Fedora is keeping (and tweeting) a countdown until the game. If you read the entire response, he first stated “184 days”, which in itself “legitimizes” State and the importance you plan on placing on the game.

    3rd: Mr Look in the “Mirrow” (whatever that is), have you looked in the MIRROR lately? They aren’t exactly turning heads over there in Orange County, and quite frankly compared to that sorry underachieving group at UNC, we are legitimate. We do win bowl games and we are the best football team in the state (not that it says very much).

    Lastly: Fedora said this at a booster event. They are supposed to fire up the fans and get them to donate money. So I wouldn’t dig too deep into this. State holds similar events all the time (but they probably aren’t dumb enough to have a reporter nosing around).

  9. Do you always have to hijack a thread like a spoiled brat.

    No one I have seen posted anything about your coach saying he didn`t want to legitimize unc so why go on this ncaa saga for the 50th time.

    We get or got it. Keep in mind that college athletics are played mostly by 18-22 year old that make alot of mistakes. The social media is dangerous thing and no one or school is immune to its destruction. Remember that.

    Secondly, this question was asked by a student at a student only event with the agenda of improving the fans experience, no booster fund raiser no media nothing just someone for Inside Carolina quoting the questions and answers.

    At the end of the day the Jimmy & Joes will benefit the program in the long run better than x`s & o`s and your school is on borrowed time.

    If Tom would quit talking about unc everytime he sat down with a coach and student athlete and sell his program to them maybe he could get a kid or 2. His old propaganda machine is running on epmty.

  10. Hey wolfpack 82,
    You know how to teach a wuffie to count to 13?
    Since you like #’s, here is a few for you
    Basketball head to head : UNC 147-75
    Football UNC 63-33
    Baseball UNC 152-125
    It must suck to be a red -headed stepchild!

  11. The event just happened on Wednesday and the post was published on Thursday and I got it up here Thursday afternoon, so it is not that late and it is not a dead issue….Seems to be drawing quite a bit of conversation and that works good for Coach Fedora….

    I like his approach. You want somebody in there that is a competitor and he is that…..It will make it that much better if N.C. Sate can ahead and beat UNC 5 out of 6 times for the next 30 years or so and that is very possible, now that N.C. State has that edge you need, to be on top in this series and in 30 years or so, the series will be just about dead even….We’ll all be 80 or 90 years old, but what the heck….(It will be worth the wait.)

    Sir Walter Raleigh was not a young man when he discovered our State and N.C. State in many ways is doing it all for him….Our Capital is named for him and N.C. State is the State of North Carolina’s team….Am I right or wrong here? Sir Walter got a bit lost(Lost Colony) and he needed some help from his friends(the Native American Indians) to make this thing happen and N.C. State needed a little time to get this thing turned around and they have done that…..

    Great series and great to see Coach Fedora stoking the fires…..TOB is very serious and don’t want to get that military man fired up……He probably could still give Larry a run for his money in a little foot race to the chow line……

    Good convo and glad everyone liked the topic….I didn’t come up with it, but I did research out and found it and that is the way SIr Walter Raleigh our noble leader/founder did it too….Search and find……

  12. Football Program Legitimacy Comparrison Quiz.
    1.One school has 6 players drafted in the NFL draft in 2012. The 2nd school 2.
    2.The 1st school also has won 2 bowl games in succession. The 2nd school is 1-1 in bowls the last 2 seasons and caused an NCAA rule change that would have caused their lone bowl win to be a loss.
    3.The 1st school has no NCAA investigations in over 20 years(and that last one was not football related).The 2nd school has had 9 NCAA infractions. There have only been 24 infractions charged to ACC schools since 1953.
    4.School number one should qualify for for a bowl for the 3rd consecutive season. School #2 is currently on an NCAA postseason ban as well as 3 years probation.
    5.School one has defeated school 2 in football 5 consecutive seasons.
    Which is more of a legitimate program? #1 or #2

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