Roy Williams has a lot to say about last season, quite a bit to say about next season and right now he is looking to hire a new assistant coach(14 former Tar Heels have applied)

This is a good post/piece from ‘Above the Rim’, at the Charlotte Observer and right now UNC Tar Heel coach Roy Wiiliams says he is trying to close out his recruiting, he talks about last season, looks ahead to next season, says he is going to work to hire his new assistant coach to replace Jerrod Hasse, plus he says 14 former Tar Heel players have applied for the spot and three of his former Kansas Jayhawks say they want it and he implies it will go to a Tar Heel….

Williams also speaks about the ACC officiating from this past season and talks about the battles he had with Duke in recruiting Harrison Barnes(14 visits to Ames, Iowa and Coach K only made 2), plus the recruiting trail with Duke and UNC both trying to get Mason Plumlee….

Very good read and you can get into it and read all when you CLICK HERE…Be sure to check this out….(This is what you have been looking for….)

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