Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight:NEG, SEG, SWG, Dudley, NWG, HPC, WCD, EA, BW, Ledford, Caldwell and Wheatmore winners so far tonight

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Southwest Guilford 9
WS Parkland 0

Sean Geoghean and Kyle Miller combine for a no-hitter.

******Sean Geoghean, Matt Dale, Tyler Kellam with 1 HR each.
Matt Orth inside the park Home Run….*****

Northeast Guilford 11
Southern Guilford 3

WP:Jacob Watkins(6-1)
LP:Ryan Hedrick
NEG hitting leaders:Josiel Colon 2-4/Double….Jaylin Davis 2-4/Triple…Jordan Brown 2-3…Shane Flippin 2-4….Jacob Watkins 1-1/Double….
SG hitting:Evan Edwards 1-4/Double…..Devonte Mason 2-3…..

Ledford 13
Asheboro 6

HR’S:(Ledford)Pete Guy hits 2 homeruns….He now has 5 on the year and we heard that Eric Connolly hit two home runs last night for Ledford and one of those was a Grand Slam…

Wheatmore 14
High Point Andrews 1

Eastern Alamance 11
Eastern Guilford 1

Burlingotn Williams 4
Northern Guilford 3

WP- Alan Sharpe(8-2)
LP- Matt Kaplan(5-2)

Greensboro Day School 5
Hickory Grove 2

Southern Alamance 12
Smith 2

Game 1
Caldwell 5
Salem Baptist 1

Wp – Young
Lp – Jernigan
Caldwell – Mancuso 2-2 RBI, Branon 1-2 RBI, New 2-2, 2b, 3b, 2 RBI – Salem
Baptist – Sunday 1-2 RBI, Jernigan 1-2

Game 2
Caldwell 10
Salem Baptist 0

Wp- Branon
Lp – Jernigan
Caldwell- Mancuso 1-1 HR, 4 RBI, Branon 1-2, 3b, 2 RBI, Sanfilippo 2-2

Caldwell 14-4

*****Thanks to Jerry Stafford, Enad Haddad and Todd Frazier who were sending in scores for us tonight….We had to make the zip from Jamestown to Westridge, but are adding in scores…*****
Dudley 6
Grimsley 2

WP:Corey Kimber….19 K’s for Corey…
LP:Pella Stokes
Pella Stokes for Grimsley and Corey Kimber for Dudley…Grimsley just left the bases loaded in the 5th…Double and key RBI for Kimber…

Northwest Guilford 9
Western Guilford 4

Southeast Guilford 5
Page 1

Bain 4 innings for SEG and now Jacobelli in for the Falcons

High Point Central 6
Ragsdale 1

WP:Hanson Butler
LP:Matt Horkey
Single for Ragsdale and Bryson Harris…Carstens with the other hit for Ragsdale tonight, single back up the middle…
Mitch Carstens now on the hill for the Tigers in relief of Matt Horkey
Double by HPC’s Zack McLean and he comes around to score….Will Johnson goes 2-4 tonight for HP Central…
Joe Pantuso scores for Ragsdale on a wild pitch….
Colin Fowler two-run single drove in Will Johnson and Zack McLean….
10 K’s for HP Central pitcher Hanson Butler…..Butler working with two-hitter….

Westchester Country Day 9
Parrott Academy 3

WP:Kelly Patram
(WCD)Tyler Marion 2 Home Runs/Markel Johnson 1 HR


  1. Westchester beats to some people the number one team in the state Arendell Parrott 9-3 on senior night for the Wildcats Kelly Patram went 6 innings for the Win freshmen Tyler Marion hit 2 Home Runs and Markel Johnson hit another they had a seven run 3rd inning which broke the game open they play Caldwell on Monday and Burlington Christian Tuesday to wrap up the regular season

  2. Ledford 13 Asheboro 6

    Ledford’s Pete Guy hits 2 homeruns to lead Panthers to the win and conference championship

  3. Hope there wasn’t any trouble at the NWG-WG game tonight….There has been some speculation, but our contact at the game, Enad Haddad did not report any problems…..Good people at both of those schools…

  4. Pete Guy of Ledford actually has 5 homeruns for the year, 2 tonight with 7 RBI’s against Asheboro

  5. Bill Ahrens with the no problems at the game call, with pleyers or fans…..Good news and we need more good news today…Call was not from Mr. Haddad as was reported earlier….Sorry for any confusion on that end….

  6. Congratulations to Burlington Williams for winning the Mid-State 3A championship with a hard fought 4-3 win over Northern Guilford. Coach Knapp, Coach Robertson, and Coach Adams have done a great job this year while facing some difficult challenges. The players have worked hard and should be very proud of their accomplishment. Harry, this ones for you! Go Dawgs!

  7. Tough loss for the Whirlies tonight. Pella did a good job to keep this one close and Cole Leonard came in late and did a good job.

    Lots of scouts looking at Kimber tonight. Kimber had some great stuff tonight and the ump had a wide strike zone for both sides. That’s about all I better say about that. Good luck against Page next week Panthers.

  8. So you guys are saying that having the whole NW team scream F YOU out the window of the bus as it leaves is classy? Shame on the players and coaches who let it happen. I’m positive after Western beat NW game 1, that didn’t happen.

  9. I do nt agree with the NW players yelling curse words out the window but I do know that at the Western/NW game at NW that the Western players were talking crap and being very offensive to NW players in the parking lot. To be honest, it is a shame that it got mouthy last night but if Western coaches and umpires would have took control and not allowed the Western players and student fans to yell and taunt our batters it wouldn’t have got mouthy at all. There is no place in baseball for the chanting and immaturity of the Western players. Have they ever watched college or major league ball? It is a disgrace to the game to act they way they do. I’ve never witnessed another high school team act the way they do.

  10. soooo “play4fun” western is one of a kind then aren’t we. we have fun playing baseball. we scream and shout and back our players up. Other teams sit in the field silent. WE cheer for our pitcher. You have a problem then learn to deal with it.

  11. If there is any heat betwen the two teams it should cool down as they go their separate ways heading into the playoffs….The game didn’t really sound like it was all that close last night, maybe some heat from a previous meeting or two….Kids get fired up, but the parents have to be the right examples and not get caught up in all that heat…..Many times you expect this from kids, because they will be kids and they are still growing up, but the parents have to set the examples and keep their composure……

    Good idea to let this one move on and let both teams get ready for the conference tournaments and they head off in different directions…..

  12. I have no problem with the way Western shows enthusiasm and has fun playing the game. At our games with them they were very vocal. It certainly is no worse than the snippets that Dudley plays that are directed at the other team during their games. Most of the banter from Western is not directed at the other team. I and the other fans chuckled at most of it.

    Both teams have bigger fish to fry with the conference tourney and playoffs coming. Time to get over it and move on.

  13. The only thing that I have to say that is mixed up is that after every away game we do yell out the window when we approach the nearest stoplight after a win. It is just a tradition that we have and it happened prematurely last night due to excitement I do believe. I was on the bus and I did not hear one of my teammates throw cuss words out of their mouths yelling out the window. If I am mistaken, I do agree that it is a blunder on our part. On the other hand, BOTH teams did talk back and forth throughout the duration of last night’s game. And it was a distraction to hear “swing” and “wow you suck at hitting” after every pitch coming from the opposing teams fan section. We can all conclude that a meeting between NW and Western has become a rivalry yet, a very heated one. I will stand with my teammates no matter what decision they make and I know in the other dugout it is the same way. Each team has their own routines, traditions, chants, etc. that get them hyped (just like a walk up song) that get the other team a little annoyed or distracted as well. Both teams have great players, coaches, and true fans and things turn out this way when both are very evenly matched. I congratulate all of Western’s seniors and hope the best for them in their future endeavors.

  14. Pete Guy from Ledford was a beast at the plate last night. Great to see him getting his bat going in time for the playoffs!!

  15. Well-said by the NW Player….Excellent comment and he does a great job of breaking it all down….Would hate to ever see this NWG-WG rivalry end and let’s hope the fans and players will stick behind this one and keep it going….Again, nice job NW Player….He is so right about the routines and team traditions and all he said was first-class…..

  16. The NW/Western rivalry has been around a long time. From what I understand, this is the last year they will play each other. It seems that the newer generation of powers that be, do not have the deep roots that will do what it takes to let this rivalry continue. I am saddened by this. Honestly though, after reading all these comments, it will make it very easy for the administers to keep these 2 schools from ever playing. It’s time to stop and think. Is this what we really want? May be a good time to take a big breath before we sit down and type in some hateful comments on here. We all get caught up in the heat of a game. If we didn’t it wouldn’t be a great rivalry. It’s time for a cool down period as we ready our teams for tournament play.

  17. No body likes to play Western Guilford because they are mouthy and obnoxious in their dugout and do not respect the game…

  18. Its possible that NW and WG meet in the state playoffs. Should be a pretty intense/good game if this occurs.

  19. The Western dugout from what I have been told and can hear during the games, just has a chant they use and it gets the team fired up and they don’t do it to be obnoxious….One of the team leaders does it and it gets the team motivated….Hey-Oh and then the response or something like that….Not that geared toward the other teams, just something Western does amongst themselves and not a real troublemaking chant….

    Dudley does a movtivatioal chant and clap it up session in their dugout to get things fired up and it comes at rally time or when they are trying to get a rally going….All in good team movtivation….Many/most teams have something like this….

    Hope they can keep/continue the WG-NWG series and why not play it on neutral field, maybe at Guilford College on a Saturday afternoon…..At this time of year, the colleges are just about done….Keep NWG-WG….Much tradition here….Really in all three sports….

  20. I agree with Gfan and Andy, who both said the WG players and fans support their players with cheers. Nothing is directed negatively toward the other team.

  21. Give proof before you post a hateful comment against any team. Screaming and chanting for your team is anything but disrespectful. It shows that the players are actually into the game and are doing what they love to do.

  22. WG Fan- Saying he has to come to bat too is pretty minor compared to what WG said on the field.

  23. Screaming out of the the bus while driving off is the most disrespectful and classless act iv ever witnessed.

  24. Kids are going to keep yelling and talking during the heat of the battle but it usually is just all talk and everyone wants to have the last word…We are going to have to end all this talk, as it seems like many are wanting to go at each other throats and everyone always wants to have the last word…..Now seems to be a good time to take a break, as it seems like we are getting nowhere fast…

    Go back and read what the NW Player said….That kid said it the right way, explained himself in a good manner and left a good impression…Let’s take a page out how he conducted himself….

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