‘Between the Lines’ with High School Baseball Tonight:Conference Tournaments(Plus area games)

Metro 4-A(All gamea at 7pm)
#7 Smith at #2 Southern Alamance
#6 Grimsley at #3 Western Guilford
#5 Page at #4 Dudley

Mid-State 3-A
#8 Eastern Guuilford at #1 Burlington Williams 6:30pm
#5 Western Alamance at #4 Northern Guilford 6pm
#7 Morehead at #2 McMichael 7pm
#6 Rockingham County at #3 Eastern Alamance 6pm

Mid-Piedmont 3-A
#6 Southern Guilford at #3 Southwestern Randolph 7pm

*****Also on tap for Tonight*****
Calvary Baptist at Greensboro Day School 4:30pm
Wesleyan at Forsyth Country Day 5pm
Shining Light at Liberty Christian in Durham
Trinity School of Durham at Caldwell Academy 6pm

5 thoughts on “‘Between the Lines’ with High School Baseball Tonight:Conference Tournaments(Plus area games)

  1. Any speculation on who is going for the different teams today?

    Any chance we will see Kimber? He pitched vs. Grimsley last Friday night…..Kimber vs. Schofield for PAGE would be a nice battle….Dudley may be thinking if we can just get past Page at home today, we can go with Kimber at SEG on Wednesday night…..But can Dudley get past Page without Kimber….2-0 Page over Dudley at Dudley and 9-0 Page over Dudley at Page….(With NO Kimber in both cases.)

    WG vs. Grimsley…..Can we see an all-out border war, to use a phrase from Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen in the ROH????? Maybe DJ Reader vs. Nino Marrero in this face-off??? If you loose Game One, there is NO Game Two……Would be a big one with Nino vs. DJ….Curveballl specialist vs. the Power..

    Kaplan for NG and Gunn for EG in their games today, what do you day?????

    Smith with the biggest upset of the Year with a win at Southern Alamance?????

    Southern Guilford on the road wins one for the Storm?

    Thoughts on these?

  2. good thing about being the last place seed, you DO NOT worry about tomorrow. that said, nobody should take the hill for the Wildcats other than Tyler Hunt. he is the ONLY chance we have of getting by the Bulldogs. win tonight, then worry about tomorrow.

  3. DJ is a very strong pitcher but in his absence this year Kyle Smith has been our go to guy. He has been strong for us all year. Pella Stokes also has been good for us this year. Pella is an off speed specialist who kept Dudley out of sync for most of the night last Friday. The last two WG versus Grimsley matchups have been great back and forth battles. I think we only saw Marrero at the end of the first game. Foster did a great job against us in the last game.

    My hope is this one is as good a game as the first two. We have also had two one run games against Page so it would be nice to see them again in the second round if we can find a way by WG.

    Mainly…Hornet you need to get my burgers going! Two all the way and a DIET Coke.

  4. Since it will be so hot, may I interest you in a frozen lemonade instead of the Diet Coke?

  5. Oh no…I gotta watch my school girl figure. I just drink diet drinks with my two fully loaded burgers and chips.

    I gotta tell you a story about my last trip over there. I left my diet coke at the concession stand because I got distracted adding condiments to my cheeseburgers. This nice lady working in the stand came all the way over to the opposing side and brought my drink to me a little later. I got carried away by the game and the burgers and had forgotten all about it. You just don’t get that kind of service even at Friendly Road Seafood. True story…you is good people.

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