Graham Sporting Goods HIgh School Baseball Tonight:Western Alamance tops McMichael and Ledford moves past NEG

Mid-State 3A Championship Game:
Western Alamance 6
Mcmichael 3

WP-Phillip Miller
LP-Dylan Biggs

*****Starting pitcher Dylan Murray went 5 innings 3 ER’s*****

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Tournament Champsionship Game:
Ledford 5
Northeast Guilford 4

Ledford scores on a wild pitch to win it in the 7th at home…NEG was up 4-1 in the 6th….
LP:Jaylin Davis…Starting pitcher Jacob Watkins went 6 2/3’s for NEG…
NEG leading hitters:Josiel Colon 3-4…..Caleb McCann 2-4/HR/Double…..Jordan Brown 3-4/Double…
Ledford leading hitters:Matt Thornburg 1-3/Double….Chad Shields 1-1/HR


  1. Mid-State 3A Championship Game

    WA 6 Mcmichael 3

    WP-Phillip Miller
    LP-Dylan Biggs

    Starting pitcher Dylan Murray went 5 innings 3 ER’s

  2. If only 4 teams go to the State playoffs from the Mid Stae 3A that means that Northern has ben knocked out. If 5 teams go then Northern drops down to a 5 seed. How can Northern with the talent they have be a 5 seed in that confwerence.

  3. The answer to “Ram” is coaching…or lack there of….and the same issue over at Grimsley

  4. “Just wandering”, it’s easy to coach from the sidelines. Northern has a lot of talent both in playing and in coaching. Every year, they get better and better. But they have been struggling with their bats lately. Everyone hits that slump now and again and you just have to weather through it. Northern has faced some excellent pitchers lately, but they will come back, and watch out when they do. Quit coaching from the sidelines and remember, if you can’t say something encouraging, keep your mouth shut!

  5. To Just Wandering – Regarding the Grimsley situation, it is hard to win when you have one good player and he misses half of the year. Also, they could be a lot better if guys werent on there on programs all the time and listened to the coach because he actually knows what he is talking about. I would love to see you get out there and coach.

    For the Northern Guilford comment, their coach does a good job as well. As someone already said they r just slumping right now. It will not get any easier in the 1st round at NW Cabarrus

  6. With all dues respect to Northern and their players. This is a heck of a conference with a very strong top 5 who all beat up on each other (WA,EA, Williams, NG, MCM). Northerns coach does a fine job, I mean he finished in a 2 way tie for second. But with the tiebreakers and WA wining the tournament they fell to the 5 seed and go west vs NW Cabbarus. I read on here about the talent they have all the time, what about the talent some of the other teams have?? To act like their talent is so far superior to these other teams is foolish, they are all good and 1 game separated Williams from a 3 way tie for second (NG, MCM, EA).

  7. The only program that needs a new coach in the Mid State 3A is MHS. All the other coaches do a great job from what I have observed over the past couple of seasons. However, MHS needs a new direction from a new Head Coach.

  8. So why are you not over there applying for a job….heard their cricket team has a head job open…..I have no allegiance to Grimsley but to get on here and say stuff about good people is just not nice…..

    And for you 3A baseball guys…….4A baseball is a whole different world. Count your blessings……..

  9. 3A and 4A is not a diff world! South Stanley (1A) would beat Grimsley like a drum…

  10. Don’t discount all the transfer activity…..both out and back in……on team chemistry and unity. I’m not saying there were issues in the dugout, I don’t know. I’m just saying there was probably an impact on teamwork and performance even if there were no personal issues. The best teams normally have seniors and players who have played a few years together.

  11. Good to know your opinion Coach…….again talking about kids and coaches who put a lot into it and don’t deserve to be talked about like a “drum”….would take my chances though with their arm against anybody

  12. Strike3 you really believe the only team in mid state 3A with coaching issues is Morehead and all others do a great job? interesting……
    as for Northern, having a couple of players transfer out then come back for senior year cannot do any good for team chemistry. in mid state 3A it mostly came down to who pitched against who. when Huffman pitches for WA, they are almost unbeatable. same for Williams with Sharpe and EA with Monroe. face their #2 or #3 and they are all beatable. all the teams that finished in the top five had good if not great seasons.

  13. Grimsley will be a lot better once a one of those seniors is gone. As for the Mid State 3A. I would put Monroe, Huffman, and Sharpe up against any 4A team on any given night and it would be a good game. Not that much of a difference in this area with all of the quality 3A teams. BW smacked Page around and beat HPC

  14. RC had a ton of talent but had no coaching to get the most out of that talent. Did a poor job managing that pitching staff. BW won the conference because they managed their pitching as well as i have seen in a while and also played together as a team. Should be fun to see if they throw Sharpe every game in the playoffs. I know I would have him ready after their #2.

  15. Want to talk about talent and lack of coaching look to the NW part of the county. How many players have they lost to
    private schools the last couple of years, you have to wonder why that is happening. Still they progress in the playoffs each
    year mainly due to the fact the parents have disposable income. They can send their little Johnny to GBC and college baseball
    camps so little Johnny can get better or at least have the knowledge to excel. I dare say the WG coach (great coaching job with the
    talent you had this year) or NE coach would make them a powerhouse in the PT4A. Just my opinion and I know opinions are like a__holes
    everybody has one. Thought this might get the juices flowing today!

  16. He was suspended from all extracurricular activities for 60days by the school system and an extra 7 days by the coaching staff. Classy name though previous poster…

  17. if Miller does not get himself suspended WA would have most likely took the mid state 3A regular season. with Huffman’s shoulder issues and Miller suspended, WA was digging deep for pitching at times. the coaching staff did a great job to keep them in the race all year long. if Miller is back and in any kind of shape, they could go deep in the playoffs. offensively, they have a lot of weapons.

  18. The arguement over 3A and 4A is amusing. It doesnt matter what class you are associated with because the parents with the income will get Little Johnny the training and experience he needs to get better and noticed. The only exception would be those players with God given talent and the natural ability to play. Coaching????? You are lucky to get one in the Public School system that actually played beyond High School. They get paid nothing and what experience most of them have is information they gathered at a coaches clinic. With that said, I respect their efforts in trying to make these kids better but the fact of the matter is that most coaches spend more time babysitting the kids, making sure they are going to class, and dealing with parents who believe Little Johnny is an All American because someone at GBC said they were. When you pay that much money, of course they will tell you a kid is GREAT!!!!

  19. They say that ignorance is bliss. There seems to be a misconception that people who send ther kids to private schools, camps, or GBC is trying to make “Liitle Johnny” an all-pro. Nothing can be further from the truth. We as parents try to make a better life for our children than we had and we make ‘sacrifices’. I’m a 33 year blue-collar veteran that wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth or has ‘disposable income’. We do it for the love of our children, and the passion they have for the game. That’s it, plain and simple. He’s far from being an “all-pro”, but he’s happy and he loves baseball. And I’d like to take this time to personally thank his coach for letting him play for him again. And I ‘d like to thank the players and parents for their acceptance.

  20. Speaking of coaching does anyone know who the young Coach is from Burlington Williams? I have been very impressed with him both times I saw them play. I believe he is the pitching coach. Was just wondering if anyone knew where he came from?

  21. @Bluecollar – You are absolutly right and I believe you may have taken what I said out of context. I have played and coached on the highest level one can achieve and have worked camps all over the world. My point is that many of these camps, centers, and/or instructors take advantage of these kids and parents by giving them false hopes (especially in a down economy) by telling them there kid is great. I have seen this first hand over the past 20 years and how it plays out once the player goes back to his High School team. It causes friction and a he said/he said situation between HS coach and instructor. Who do the parents listen to at that point. Its just like any other business, you pay for a result and if that result is not met then you find somewhere else. Not all centers/instructors operate like this but I have seen alot of it in this area over the past few years.

  22. I apologize if I did. We as parents help turn their weakenesses into strengths and make their strengths, stronger, to get them where they want to be. It’s been a wild and crazy ride since he hit his first ball off a tee at 4 years old. Now 14 years later, he may be playing his last game next week. Opportunities had been offered, but he is adimate in pursuing his major at a particular college. He will try to walk-on , if not play club ball. I’m kind of saddened that the ride is coming to an end. I would trade these last 14 years for nothing in the world. Good and bad, it was worth every minute of my life being there. Maybe if I wait long enough, another bus will come by. To all parents, good luck to you and your children and I truly hope they reach all their aspirations. Godspeed.

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