Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight from GSPN:East Forsyth and Caldwell winners

TAC Tournament Championship:
Caldwell Academy 4
Westchester Country Day School 3

Wp- Mancuso
Lp – Sellars
Caldwell – Sanfilippo 1-4, 2b, RBI, Mancuso 1-2, 2b, Holley 1-3, 2b, RBI, New 1-4, 2b – Westchester – Chilton 2-4, 2b, RBI, Howell 1-3, RBI, Johnson 1-4, R

Caldwell 18-4

TAC All Conference
Richie Sanfilippo – Caldwell
Nico Mancuso – Caldwell
Daniel Branon – Caldwell
Clay Young – Caldwell
Donnie Sellars – Westchester
Markel Johnson – westchester
Kelly Patram – westchester
Tyler Marion – westchester
Ricky Jernigan – Salem baptist
Anthony Berry – Carolina friends
Hansen French – Trinity
Bennett Goss – trinity
Will Govert – trinity
Tyler Rackley – Burlington Christian
Jonathan Cox – Burlington Christian

Player of the Year – Richie Sanfilippo – Caldwell
Coach of the Year – Dan Bozarth – Caldwell

Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference Tournament Final:
East Forsyth 4
Southwest Guilford 3
(8 Innings)

Game was tied at 2-2 in the 6th Inning…

*****Any word on who got the win tonight and the particulars??? I bet there was a good crowd on hand for this one……Now that all is said and done, this gives us WG at EF on Friday with Dudley at SWG, NWG at Southern Alamance(21-6) and Glenn at SEG…..Are we all in agreement on all of those and we should see Kimber vs. Orth, Haack vs. Wolfe, Ward vs. Marrero and Newton vs. Hodges right????*****


  1. In the SW versus East Forsyth game, the umpires and East Forsyth prevailed in the 8th inning. No one at that game can say how it might have ended if the umpires did not blow the call on a heads up play by the Cowboys third baseman. That was a terrible ending to a great game. Even East Forsyth can’t feel great about that “win”. It is not their fault how they won.

  2. Yeah – I was there and it was an awful call. EVERYBODY there saw that tag except for the two men in blue. Bad way for a great ballgame to end.

  3. That was the worst no call in the history of high school baseball….those two should not sleep very well tonight knowing they decided the outcome and not the athletes on the field….And if you are an umpire in this area “finish the play”……

  4. Even the coach’s on the East team said that that was a blown call,and that the runner was out,grow a set and make a call ,instead of standing there like you have no clue where you should not even be allowed to umpire T-Ball.Stay off the Field,and keep your day job.

  5. Multiple missed calls due to being out of position……home plate umpire is looking at ball hit down line to determine fair or foul sees fielder make play…..while looking in that direction you have to see contact….fielder makes no attempt to go back and tag again cause he knows he tags runner as he returns to base…..Ef coach puts arms on shoulder of runner to tell him to stay on bag….

  6. I usually don ‘t make comments about umpiring … but that was such a blown call the kids from both teams will still be talking about that at their 25+ year HS reunion. It is time that some sort of review system be put in place to keep these umpires out of quality HS baseball and send them back to little league where they belong.

  7. Its one thing to get beat……its one thing to get outplayed……but its a whole different story when variables or people that should be unbiased and so called “experts” of the game and that are in charge of the management of the game play the deciding part in a kid’s memory of winning a conference baseball championship or not winning it. I am a totally unbiased third party with no association to EF or SWG and that was AWFUL……those two guys in blue changed the course of history for those kids at SWG.

  8. And it ain’t cause you are a baseball guy…….

  9. @whiteshoes – and we thank you for adding so much to the value of the conversation going on about this subject.

  10. Obviously you didn’t watch SWG manufacture their fourth run in the top of the 8th. Not sure what game you were watching, both teams played great defense to keep the each others offense in check.

  11. These two teams are equally matched and the results this year show it. Close games that usually go down to the last inning, or in last nights case, extra innings. Hopefully, both teams will go far in the state playoffs and meet up again. It is unfortunate that the last 2 games between these two teams have been so heavily influenced by missed calls by the umpires. It almost looks like they are not paying attention to the game they are involved in. Both teams deserve better. I know the East fans are happy with the outcome but if they were completely honest, they would have to admit that the two calls in question were wrong. East may have gone on to win both games, but we will beaver know.

  12. I am usually not an anti-umpire guy and typically believe umpires don’t decide games. Usually there are other opportunities within the game to win or lose games that are or are not taken advantage of. Umpires are a part of the game. Just look at the no-hitter that was obviously blown in the major leagues last year. It happens at every level. That being said and I was not at this game last night so I have no comment on this particular play, but in general the umpiring I have witnessed this year has been pretty poor. I am a parent of a kid on another team and it seems to me in some cases these guys are out there to collect their checks and go home. The quality of the game seems meaningless to them. Not with all of the umpires, just some. We have some very good talent in Guilford County and these kids deserve consistently better.

  13. The whole state of umpiring is atrocious at every amateur level. It is now starting to creep into MLB too (anyone see the Rockies/Dodgers game when Helton was 2 feet of 1st base?). There has to be some sort of accountability that umpires have to answer to. They ARE just collecting a check and going home. I would venture a guess and say that MOST of them never played the game at all. I have seen simple rules ignored and misinterpreted throughout the entire season. There has to be a better way of training them instead of taking a two hour seminar on a Saturday morning to be eligible to umpire.

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