Bill Flynn did not win and now where does he begin?(He may be ready to start talking again):Longtime MAGIC Radio and RUSH Radio host could be headed back to your radio dial/box!

Bill Flynn may be ready to do it again….He did not win and now he will begin, to find out when, he might make a bid for the Sen-ate or House again and until then, Flynn might be ready to take a spin, and get back into radio again….Flynn and Ben, Flynn and Ken, Flynn and Quinn, how about Flynn and Jen or Flynn and Rob-in or Flynn and Rin-Tin-Tin….The first ever human and dog team doing a talk show…Now that would be bold….Can you hold please? Rin just went to fetch a stick……

News on the upcoming Bill and Will Show, or is it Bill and Jill, or Bill and Phil or Bill and Chil…How about Bill Flynn with Eric Chilton and the new crew on the Good Morning Show and Bill could be the ‘political analyst’…Bill goes Politi-kill with Chil and the crew at WFMY TV 2….How about you? Can you see it???

Here is what caused all the rat-a-tat-tat up above and you’ll love it even more, when you explore this info door from the News and Record, as you read below…..

Longtime radio host and commentator Bill Flynn isn’t sure what the future holds after his unsuccessful bid for a U.S. House seat.

His challenge to 14-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Howard Coble came up short Tuesday in a three-way, GOP primary that Coble won with 57 percent of the vote.

Flynn finished second in the race with about 22 percent of the vote, according to complete, but unofficial returns.

Flynn hosted the morning show on WMAG (99.5 FM) for many years.

After leaving WMAG, Flynn hosted a morning show on Rush Radio (94.5 FM) in 2010, but the program was dropped and he set his sights on Coble’s seat. Flynn said Wednesday he’s likely to return to the broadcast industry at least for the short term, while he decides if there’s another political candidacy in his future.

CLICK HERE to read all from the News and Record and we only listed the radio talk, they also give you more Election Background when you click….


  1. Don’t forget Billy Yow will have to go back and start looking after his cows since he did not win along with Flynn.

  2. I know Bill Flynn and have met Billy Yow before. Both these guys are just hat dropper-inners with no real intentions on winning. Nobody will beat “Hired” and really there is no body better or who does more for us (those that live in his district) than Mr. Coble. My opinion only of course.

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