New High School Softball Poll for the Week of 5/9/12

*****Input from the local coaches that have been watching the teams all season long and we would appreciate your input too, in the comment box.*****

1 Southern Alamance(16-9)
2 Northwest(18-6)
3 Southeast(17-6)
4 Page(13-7)
5 Southern(13-8)
6 Northern(13-9)
7 Southwest(13-11)
8 Eastern(TBA)
9 Western(9-11)
10 Northeast(TBA)

Good Luck To All The Teams In The State Playoffs.

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  1. I think the coaches have this one wrong. Southern Alamance was better than SEG on one night. SEG was better than SA on two nights. NWG lost to EF once and EF lost to NWG twice. The polls should have stayed the same as last time. Its all good – it’s coming down to one game for each team now. You have a bad night and you have your end of the year awards party early. There are seven seniors on the SEG team that have no plans to go out early. SWG has been a pain in their backside for the past two years. We will find out Friday night if they have a cure for that pain.
    I think they will.

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