High School Baseball Tonight from Southern Alamance with NWG taking on the Patriots in 4-A Round One:Big Win for the Vikings on the road!

NWG 7, SA 2….
Just got back in a few minutes ago and that was a big team win by Northwest down at Graham, taking on and topping the same team that knocked off SEG for the Metro Tourney Title last Friday night…Very solid pitching effort by starter Keaton Haack and relief in the 7th from Colson Everett….see more below….
Southern Alamance 2

WP:Keaton Haack
LP:Jacob Wolfe
Bases still loaded for SA one out in the 3rd…
New SA pitcher A.J. Edwards
Haack(at least 9K’s) vs. Wolfe(2K’s)
SA had the bases loaded with one out in the 3rd…Walks and other issues but NWG got through it…

*****Lots of big hits tonight for NWG to back up the Keaton Haack and Colson Everett pitching effort….Marcus Shoemaker, Everett, Bellenkes, Haack, Evans, Hamlett and others with the bats tonight helped to secure the big win….Good job Vikings and let’s hope that Keaton Haack’s grandfather was out there following the game tonight and he had a chance to enjoy the victory…Lots of ‘War Eagle’ chants tonight down at SA and they were coming after the Alabama signee to no avail….The SA Softball put in a hard night’s work with their cheers and Woop-Woops…..Can I get a Woop-Woop and there were more than enough to go around…..*****


  1. Wow that’s a shocker with the way SA played last week. Congrats NWG and good luck going forward.

  2. NWG is the best 15-10 team around. They have pitching depth in Haack, Swim (when he returns), Juday, Bellenkes and more. Doesn’t surprise me at all they won, especially with Haack on the mound. Congrats to NWG.

  3. Not a shocker at all,they play in the toughest conf top to bottom in my opinion. Think about the pitching these teams see day in and day out. Good job NW

  4. Huge win for NW Guilford…….Don’t know how it could be much better today…..Wait! Northern lost!!!!!!!!!

  5. @ From day one
    I guess we shall see tonight whether that statement is true. There are more games than one to play in the playoffs but it was a very good win for NWG against a very talented SA team.

  6. Wait!!! If I’m not mistaken, I think NG beat the pants of NWG earlier in the season. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. Hey…none of that stuff…we may be brothers that fight in the home, but when we get outside the house we are pulling for each other. Lets keep it that way. Congrats to NG on a strong run at the end of the season. Lots of good young guys on that team, and wishing the seniors good luck down the road.

  8. Great Job NW ! This team has lacked leadership all year and needed someone to step up and take charge. Last 4 or 5 games Keaton has stepped up as that leader and pulled this team together. We all no what he can do on the mound, but stepping up as a leader shows how much he has grown. Kudos to Keaton and the entire NW baseball team.

  9. To Grey
    Understandably correct. Tell that to “Whooo”. No one should rejoice on others misfortunes. Just a reality check. I wish every team the best, but they should proceed without comments like that.

  10. What????? What kind of rivals pull for each other? Think Michigan would pull for Ohio State….or Duke would pull for Carolina…..wait how about Alabama pulling for Auburn. So why not cheer when your # 1 rival gets beat? I know it’s only High School sports but its still fun to have rivalries.

  11. One game does not allow us to reach a conclusion on whether the Triad 4a is better than Metro. I believe strongly that SWG is better than Dudley, not even close, but with Kimber on the mound Dudley can play with anyone for one game. NWG threw their top guy in Haack and when his duece is working and he is throwing 70% strikes he is very difficult to beat. In a 3 game series SA might take NWG, but in that 1 game matchup Haack is the difference. I do believe the Triad 4a has more depth that Metro. East Forsyth, SWG and NWG are pretty strong but the best team in the area is probably SEG. Lots of seniors on that team with good pitching depth. SWG’s strength may be if they can get to a 3 game series. their pitching depth is strong. Not sure anyone has 3 as good as Orth, Sean G., and Dale.

  12. There is one league that had a team play 10 of its 12 regular season games as 1-run ballgames……that is pretty good preparation for what the playoffs are about…….and that is impossible to prepare for unless you go through it!

  13. I agree with Whoooo!!! I’m a Northern fan and I’ll never pull for NW Guilford I don’t care what sport it is!

  14. Thats great, maybe you and Whooo!!! should go get a beer together..hahaha. To answer your first question Whooo!!, the reason i would pull for a rival…by the way, its not Michigan and OSU, etc. In many cases these are kids that grew up together, played baseball with each other, and hang out off the field together. We know many parents, and have become friends through our kids growing up. I dont feel the need to pull against kids that I like personally, and enjoy watching play, just because they have NG written on their jersey. Obviously, you have a different opinion, and thats your choice.

    On another note, Hold On, you make some great points. Anytime, anyplace, especially if you have the right pitcher on the mound. I cant wait to see the Dudley-SW game tonight…should be great…same with the other local matchups. I am just hoping that whatever team(s) come out of this area, in all classifications, make some noise similar to last year. We do have some pretty good baseball in this area.

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