Thinking about doing a little running this morning?(This lady is looking to run across our state covering 1,0000 miles in 21 days)

Went out and got in a few miles on the ‘Morning Run’ for Thursday and I still remember one Sunday afternoon years ago when I pulled into a Durham service station on my bicycle and old gentleman asked if me if was out taking a spin around the neighborhood on that day and I said, “yes sir, I just pulled in from Greensboro”….Well that ‘aint nothing…What this lady is doing will take the cake and you might need to eat it too for extra calories….from the Charlotte….

A 52-year-old Colorado woman who had surgery to remove part of her brain to rid herself of epileptic seizures will set off in Great Smoky Mountains National Park before dawn TODAY(Thursday) to run North Carolina’s Mountains-to-Sea Trail in 21 days, the fastest time ever for the 1,000-mile trail.

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