‘Between the Lines’ with High School Baseball Tonight:Playoffs continue tonight

Playoff action continues this evening and we have the Corey Kimber vs. Matt Orth matchup lurking, Dallas Newton or Craig Jacobelli vs. Alec Hodges, Nino Marrero vs. Dylan Ward or Caleb Edwards and we have already seen AJ Edwards and John Edwards busy in our area this week, plus Northeast Guilford should be ready to send out Matt Millaway or Jacob Watkins tonight for the Rams’ meeting with Chapel Hill….

Dudley(14-9) at Southwest Guilford(20-6) 7pm…Burkes is back for Dudley and that Kimber vs. Orth battle ought to bring ought the fans from all areas and scouts too for that matter…Looking forward to seeing Burkes at the plate, have seen a lot of that kid in news lately, but nobody has covered that kid like we have here over the years….A wild card for Dudley may be K.J. McAllister if Kimber needs some help on the hill late in the game…If the gas gauge starts running low…For Dudley, Rick Powell has to be big at the plate with bat in hand and also behind the plate as well, with catcher’s mitt in hand…..SWG is very strong at the top of their batting order with Orth, Geoghean, Miller, Dale, Kellam and others, but the bottom of the order will have to produce for the Cowboys to win in the playoffs…

Glenn(17-9) at Southeast Guilford(22-3) 7pm….SEG will probably face Alec Hodges and the bottom line is that the Falcons have to start hitting the ball….And most importantly, they have to be able to hit the curve ball….I think that has been one of their downfalls this season….But SEG is typically a very good playoff and in the past they have shown the ability to pick up steam as the hit the playoff season…..The 9 seniors, this is it for them….Reece, Frazier, Newton, Butler, Callahan, Jacobelli, Bain, Amick, Wallace….This is it for them and they have to get off to a good start tonight….

Western Guilford(12-11) at East Forsyth(16-7) 7pm….Western faces a tough road up HWY 40 East to Kernersville….The first thing the Hornets have to do is contest the nest…The have to right the ship and find their way…They will not have any trouble finding their way into K’ville tonight, but the have to get headed into the right direction when they get off of the bus…WG has lost right at 4 games in a-row and to win tonight they will have to be able to hit Dylan Ward or Caleb Edwards…Both very talented with playoff experience beyond the first round….WG must also get the game of the year from Nino Marrero and has had some outstanding games this season, but he must go beyond even that tonight, to keep his team in the game and to give them a chance to win….WG will need that kind of spark that Patrick Nusdeo can provide…Get the team fired up and let tham know that they can compete with the Eagles…Brandon Ahrens can keep the flow of the game moving behind the plate and guys like John Iorio, Adam Foster and other underclassmen can quickly become elder statesmen this evening with their ability to handle this road challenge….

Chapel Hill(13-10) at Northeast Guilford(18-7) 7pm….There is not a nicer, more peaceful place to watch a baseball game than out on Hicone Road at Northeast Guilford High School….They may have to change that a little bit tonight…The Rams may have to get a little bit hostile and realize that they are the defending NCHSAA 3-A East Champions and this post-season is theirs and they can’t let anybody else come in and take that away from them at this stage of the season….The key for NEG is that they can’t blow up….They have been hitting the ball and even out-hitting many of their opponents in recent losses, but the Rams can not blow up on defense…Got to play ‘sound defense’ and get a good start from either Matt Millaway or Jacob Watkins….They may have to let Matt or Jacob ride it out all the way if they are late in the game and pitching strong…’All Night Long’, may have to be their song……Time to get it on, if you are the NEG Rams…This is the post season and this is where these ‘Boys of Spring’, usually become the ‘Boys of Early Summer’…….

Also tonight 3-A’s:
McMichael(18-6) at Union Pines(16-8)…They say Cameron(UP) has a hitter’s park and that the home team can hit it pretty well..
Southwest Randolph(13-8) at Burlington Williams(17-9)….Coach Jason Knapp’s old team, SWR comes to Burlington to face the Bulldogs….
Eastern Alamance(17-8) at Ledford(17-7)….Very even matchup here with Nick Monroe ready for EA and Ledford has guys like Pete Guy, Eric Connolly and more….
Asheboro(10-12) at JM Robinson(16-11)…Anybody got the word, or any word on this one??? Will 1260AM WKXR go on the road for this game???

Forbush(12-6) at Randleman(23-3)….How can you pull against the defending State 2-A Champs and coach Van Hurley???


  1. The only thing missing from the SWG-Dudley game tonight will be the Dudley sound affects, Dudley has the best music and sound effects in the county.

  2. Dudley does have wonderful music. just wish they would only play it between innings and during football limit it to breaks in the action. Amazing how that intercom system never seems to get turned off in time as the opponent is at the line of scrimmage or the batter stepping in the box or a pitching conference. guess that’s just part of home field advantage.

    Should be a good game tonight between SWG and Dudley. Is Orth going for sure or is Dale getting the start?

  3. What is the price of a regular hot dog at Southeast High School? I have heard so many good things about them I plan to be there for the game tonight and purchase three or four of them. I may have to leave early and would miss the special sale at the end of the game so can anyone tell me the regular price and I will see all you Falcons at the baseball and softball games.

  4. You think orth or kimber are good? (and they are) they better hope they dont face the big boy from providence.fb mid to high 90’s, was hitting 95 -96 in the 6th vs Ak! cutter at 88, nasty…. should be fun to watch… would love to see them take them down!!

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