Mattison from Kernersville moves up to the Marlins

Congrats to Kevin Mattison(East Forsyth High School) who got the call-up on Friday to join the Miami Marlins….

Mattison, with his trademark handle-bar mustache, held down the center field spot while he was here in Greensboro, with the Greensboro Grasshoppers….Very fluid and mobile player and he could always hit the ball well from the leadoff spot in the batting order….

Good luck Kevin and we hope you stay up there at the top level for at least a few weeks or maybe even longer, although it is a strange business……

*****Also a UNC-Asheville alum and that puts him in the same neighborhood with Ryan Dull(East Forsyth/UNCA)……*****

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  1. I was very excited to see him during the walkoff celebration the other day. As long as he can hit for average I hope they will keep him, because he has all the speed in the world.

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