Now that Round Two of the NCHSAA Baseball Playoffs is upon us:Which of our teams will last the longest/Go the farthest????

Who will last the longest/go the farthest/furthest????

Round Two Tuesday:
Mount Tabor(14-11) at Dudley(15-9)
Northeast Guilford(19-7) at Gray’s Creek(21-3)
Northwest Guilford(15-11) at Davie County(20-4)
West Forsyth(19-7) at Southeast Guilford(23-3)

Last season NEG made it to the State 3-A Finals and SEG got the 4-A Semifinals….Who will go the distance this season????

*****Listings above coming in, in alphabetical order…..*****

CLICK HERE to check out the full 4-A Bracket and Pairings…..

CLICK HERE to check out the full 3-A Brackets and Pairings…..


  1. With all the seniors, all the talent, all the depth it shoud be the year of the Beasley-Panel. I think SEG should go the furthest . Dudley has talent but as more playoffs games are played per week I don’t think they will get by pitching Kimber every game. Kory has bigger fish to fry so let’s not do permanent damage to his arm. NE is very strong and might have a shot if they can keep it together. NW is talented but seems like when things so south they go WAY south for them. My concern with a few of these teams is heart. Can you get it together if you get down a few runs early or can you get your teammates up if the error demon shows its head?

    Just my guess at how it will go. As MT and NW showed last week anything can happen in a one game series. Keep your heads up and never give up and all these teams can go deep.

  2. Southeast Guilford will go deep into the playoffs and can win it all. Northeast is very good and they didn’t use a lot of pitching in round 1. Dudley and Northwest are good but don’t have the pitching depth that a team needs to win it all.

  3. By looking at the brackets….NEG & SEG can both go all the way.. they’re both very talented teams… best of luck!!!

  4. We will start posting the All-Conference teams as soon as we start getting those in….I think both of the HIgh Point coaches may have gotten Coach of the Year and the voting has already taken place, it is just a matter of getting all the verified info in and then begin the posting process….Haack, Newton, Kimber, Orth, Jaylin Davis are all players that should be in line for Player of the Year….Ledford coach will porbably get the Coach of the Year in the Mid-Piedmont and Coach Jason Knapp at Burlington Williams has a great shot to get it in the Mid-State 3-A Conference….

    We got some spelling backup on the furthest/farthest/furtherest spell check and got that cured too, I hope….

  5. IIf SE wins it all it will have nothing to do with Beasley or Panel. It will be because they just flat out talent their opponent. Panel isn’t even a coach, he is their announcer.

  6. I think Beasley has a little something to do with it…..gotta go with SE and NE. best talent = best chance.

  7. NEG is very strong. But let’s not forget people that if BW beats Southern Lee Tuesday then NEG would have to go to their place. That means they would have the lefty waiting to pitch against them who couldbe very likely give that lineup from NEG fits! You never know at this point. If BW gets rolling they can make a run riding that lefty.

  8. Doesn’t matter who goes further…..cause when they lose they will just trade one uniform for the next one…..that’s the problem with high school baseball……the “ME” factor and the fact that showcase, travel, AAU or whatever organization you pay for your kid to play in takes precedent over what should be the most important…’s selfishness and ultimately will teach society that loyalty is of no importance……oh or you could just transfer and re-classify if that suits you instead……

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