All Guilford Lacrosse All Conference Team – Girls 2012

Coach of the Year: Cayla Veach – Northern Guilford
Offensive Player of the Year: Tess Bargebuhr – Grimsley
Defensive Player of the Year: Tiffany Song – Northern Guilford

   Annie Gray Gibbs      Northern Guilford
   Meg Laffan            Northern Guilford
   Sarah Richardson      Northern Guilford
   Alana Simmons         Northern Guilford
   Diana Dames           Grimsley
   Erin Freedman         Grimsley
   Grace Motsay          Northern Guilford
   Emily Lasek           Grimsley
   Virginia Barry        Page
   Brie Chewning         Page
   Alex Scully           Page
   Sarah Colby           Northwest Guilford
   MacKenzie Collins     Northwest Guilford
   Lindsay Rowell        Northwest Guilford
   Mary Claire Brogden   Western Guilford
   Brandy Buxton         Western Guilford
   Olivia Mason          Western Guilford
   Kate Roche            Western Guilford
   Leslie Upchurch       Western Guilford
   Marlee Joyce          Ragsdale
   Megan Klebosis        Ragsdale
   Lilly Weeks           Southwest Guilford