Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight from GSPN:J. McCann 4 RBI’s for NEG and Corey Kimber with a two-hitter in loss by Dudley(Caldwell, WES and WCD win)

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Northeast Guilford 9
Grays Creek 3

WP:Matt Millaway(3 Innings)…Also Jacob Watkins and Caleb McCann…Ram staff 4-hitter with 12K’s….
LP:Seth Reeves…Gray’s Creek hitting:Steven Nalls 1-3 RBI….
NEG Ram hitting:Josiel Colon 3-4/Double…Jaylin Davis 2-3 Triple..Jacob McCann 2-3/4 RBI’s…Jordan Brown 2-3….Cole Wyrick 2-4/Double….Southern Lee at NEG on Friday night at 7pm…NEG(20-7)/Southern Lee(17-11)

Mount Tabor 1
Dudley 0

LP:Corey Kimber threw a two-hitter in the loss and Dudley could only come up with two hits themselves….Super senior season effort by Corey Kimber, in many ways carrying on his back this year…Also fine efforts by Rick Powell, Brandon Burkes and any other Dudley seniors that I may have left out……

Southern Lee 7
Burlington Williams 2

WP- Gaines
LP- Dallas Baldwin

Caldwell Academy 9
Rocky Mount Academy 0

WP – Sanfilippo
LP – Bayless
Caldwell – Branon 2-3 2rbi, Mancuso 2-3, New 2-3 RBI, Dimola 3-4 RBI –
Rocky Mount – Weatherly 2-3 2b.

Caldwell 20-4

Westchester Country Day 9
Fayetteville Christian 2

Wesleyan 10
Southlake Christian 2

Cardinal Gibbons 7
McMichael 6

East Forsyth 5
WS Reagan 2

South Rowan 7
Asheboro 5

Randleman 1
Piedmont 0


  1. Complete disregard for a young man’s future…..if Dudley wins this game…..they throw him again Friday. Would say this is comical….but this kid’s arm would probably say otherwise…….Dudley pushes to play game on Tuesday so he can stay on his 3 day rest schedule…..they don’t do this is college or pro baseball.

  2. We played because we were scheduled to play; it’s a rare occasion to cancel a game due to rain. The field is in excellent condition better than most

  3. Good job by Corey Kimber last night and Dudley baseball had a great year.

  4. Good job DUDLEY! Some of us(SE) were there cheering you on! Congrats to all of the Seniors and good luck in your future endeavors! Kudos to the entire team for a good season!

  5. If you didn’t get a chance to see Corey Kimber play this year you missed one of the best highschool pitchers in the state. He will probably get drafted but if it’s not in the first two rounds i hope he goes to a college close by. (elon, uncg, a&t, wakeforrest)

  6. He is going to HPU. I see Kimber signing wherever he gets drafted no matter what round. Keep hearing the Cardinals like him with their top 325 picks

  7. Cory Kimber pitched one of the finest games I have seen any high school pitcher throw in ten years. He PITCHED. His curveball is major league caliber. His straight changeup is awesome– the bottom drops out. He was in the 86 to 90 range. I know he was proably tired but he gutted it out. It was a shame to see Dudley lose. You could see after the game how the coaches and seniors hugged and cried. Those coaches love those kids and the feeling is mutual. The Dudley coaches care about those kids and want the best for them.
    The Dudley fans pull for ALL the players and the TEAM—- That is unusual at most high schools where the parents in some cases only care about their kid and not the team as a whole.
    Dudley has some fine athletes that may play in college or in the majors someday and I wish them the best. I hope to see you Dudley guys play some American Legion baseball this summer. You guys are a class act. Charlie Pannell

  8. Ignorance that is what you are ignorant and I bet you were the worst athlete on the field.
    I wish you would mind your business and take care of your own because we do take care of ours.
    Charlie was right we do love our kids not just ours but all the kids and I am willing to fight for them so put your gloves on IGNORANT because you dont know what you are talking about.
    I knew we would have one person that would come on this sight and talk about the pitching and you were the stupid one.

  9. Spell check please……it’s site not SIGHT and where is Duley? Before you call someone ignorant and rant about anything….in the future make sure you spell words rite….I mean right……and furthermore where did I say anything negative about the kid……was just worried about a good pitcher’s future and the possible overuse of him being detrimental to his future

  10. You are not as stupid as you pretend. you get the message no matter what the spelling.
    You are questioning and I f i did not spell that right I mean rite the coaches and you were proabably one yourself that got fired.
    Duley is were you would like to be LOLOLO

  11. l.can remember when we played Dudley in baseball in the 90’s and would beat them 20, they were the laughing stock of baseball…, as a baseball fan I cant help but smile and feel happy for those players, coaches, parents and their community. I was pulling for Dudley, Kimber and those seniors (and coach Larry) with all of my heart….. hate to see them lose, but they have nothing to hang their heads about. Congrats to that team, not for just this year…..but the past few and many more to come.

  12. ignorance you have to be some one who never played the game. you come on here and say they dont care about this kid. thats the stupidest thing i have read in a long time , stop embarrassing yourself . you guys get on here and talk stupid he is a young man with a great deal of talent and will go high in the draft . if he wants to pitch to help his team so be it ,its his choice you dont go back to high school and do it again. he threw that baseball to the end he tried to take his teammates as far as he could he didnt ask to not pitch because he was scared he would hurt his arm he threw because he is a pitcher. get off the negative and say something positive about this young man because he is destined for greatness. hpu got a good one or a mlb baseball team will get a good one stop hating . if you dont have anything good to say do us all a favor and shut up. great job dudley panthers great job larry and ray and the entire coaching staff.

  13. So true and dead on the money “people please”! Unfortunately, ignorance, where is dudley high school, and lmao are probably the same person using a different persona. Yes, I know what persona means and how to spell it! Grow up people. Let “ignorance” go on by and support all of these kids in our area for the State Playoffs!

    Sad that people want to cause trouble and stir up a pile!

  14. I was there last night also to route for the Metro! Great pitching duel last night. Also helped that the ump opened up the strike zone which makes that outside curveball and off speed more effective. Too bad we couldn’t squeak out some offense in those late innings with men on base but great season for Dudley this year. It has been a joy to watch Kory progress in the last few years. Best of luck to Kory and all the seniors!

  15. If im not mistaken in the Major League playoffs various teams will pitch their #1 starter on 3 days rest quite often because it is what’s best for the team amd they are competitors. Pitchers are the ultimate competitors. Hats off to Kimber on a heck of a career and a great season for the Dudley team. If I was an MLB scout i would take him on my team any day and love that he wanted the ball! Hes a WINNER!

  16. Congrats to Dudley, Corey Kimber, Rick Powell, Brandon Burkes, etc on a great season and great career for the seniors. Good luck at the next level.

  17. The Dudley field drains like no other field in this area…. 3 years ago they played the “Black World Series” there and on day 3 the bottom fell out and it rained cat’s and dogs… Memorial stadium stopped playing because it couldn’t handle the water, at Dudley we played through and took on the game that Memorial couldn’t play…. It’s a GREAT field and we play when everybody else field wimps out…. I should know, it’s my baby…. LOL…

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