ACC is BUST?? Ed Cone is Hearing Things

Ed Cone pretty much has his head up in more lofty things than sports; but he is a ACC Sports Junkie. His fan-boy skills have gained him friendships with people in the right place more than once.

He reports “demise of the ACC could be imminent”. At first, I had to look at my calendar to see if it wasn’t April 1st.

You can read his thoughts on his blog: Word-Up.

Will football kill the ACC?


  1. Clemson, FSU, Miami, VT have all reached out to the Big 12. Jim Weaver at VT denies it but Texas and Chip Brown say otherwise. Other 3 schools saying no comment.

    Several schools ahve had enough of Swofford and the unc influence. And the latest debacle at unc with cheating and grade changing is not helping matters. Swofford may have put too many eggs in the Notre Dame basket by waiting on them. Time for Swofford to either earn that paycheck or move on.

    What is hard to believe is when Texas, Okla., Okla. State, and A&M reached out to the ACC and they were turned down.

  2. The location of a specific school must matter at some point. It is great to have a big school such as a Texas or Okla pulling up to your school every other year but at some point it makes a difference when you can never go to the other school for a game. What made the ACC really matter in the old days was that you could drive 3-5 hours in any direction from Wake, UNC, Duke or State and get to a game. The Big South has the same set up today but they are rare. At some point, fans will just not care about these games. If Texas is having a bad year or eventually gets a bad coach that does not recruit well, will anybody care about a VT vs Texas match up. Eventually if all of your teams are from high production school, then someone will still have to loss and that will kill your high level recruiting at some point. Everyone cannot stay on the top. What happens when the VT, FSU, Texas, or whatever schools are only winning 6 or 7 games a year because their conference is loaded with heavy weighs? All of these programs will suffer. Schools such as VT, FSU, Clemson and Miami would be fool to chase $2-4M more per year just lose that same amount in gate receipts when they start losing year in and year out. If they cannot compete for championship in the ACC only spending $60-80M on atheletics, then how can they survive against schools like Texas, and Okla spending well over $100M per year.

    The only real solution for the ACC is to get Notre Dome now. This would allow ESPN to pay the ACC whatever it needs. The ACC needs to also make ESPN put in writing that any future contracts cannot be any less than $2M per year that any other conference deal has with ESPN or the contract automatically is adjusted up. If ESPN does not sign it, then more everything over to NBC or whoever is willing to pay. Just like the ACC helped jump start ESPN2 with the UNC/Duke games in the past, the ACC could help properly launch any other network.

  3. Surprised to hear about Virginia Tech in the Big12 rumor mix.
    I had heard that Tech and state would get in the SEC so they would have 16 schools stretching from Texas to Virginia with all the states bordering. There was a nice map on Packpride this morning showing this. It really would cover the whole SE US.
    SEC East: Va. Tech,NC State,USC,UGa,UF,UK, UTenn & Vanderbilt.
    SEC West: Bama,Auburn,Ole Miss, Miss St, LSU, Ark, Mizzou,& Texas A&M.
    Looks good geographically and covers 13 states and gives the SEC NC and Virginia TV markets.

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