High School Softball Playoffs for Tonight with SEG on the road to North Davidson

This is it, it all happens tonight….If the Southeast Guilford Falcons want to keep their dream of an NCHSAA 4-A State Title alive, they must win on the road tonight, at North Davidson….

Southeast Guilford(20-6) at North Davidson(26-3) 7pm….Celeste Sheppard and the SEG Falcons must have the game of their lives, if they want to get past the North Davidson Black Knights tonight…North Davidson is one of those and has been one of those girls softball factories for many, many years….


  1. Great softball all around in Davidson county! ND has many good players – their shortstop – Haley Pace – was an all american as a freshman last year.

  2. SEG is just as good as ND. Game has been postponed until tomorrow at 7:00. It was 0-0 through two innings.
    In bottom of 3rd SEG made an error, ND got a hit then a bad call at 3rd on a tag play. Bases loaded one out
    full count on batter and she hits a gapper in right field to score 2. Runners on 2nd and 3rd one out to start
    the game tomorrow. SEG is hitting the ball, just not finding the holes. Should be a good finish tomorrow.
    They have a small hole to climb out of but they were down friday and came back to win,

  3. Would have to agree SE is just as good as ND but when that is the case it comes down to the ending SE could be in trouble.

  4. Southeast Guilford has excellent coaching….If not they would not have reached this stage or level of the playoffs….ND may a more experienced coach and maybe they have more coaches, but not buying into a personal attack on the SEG coach or coaches…..Take those elsewhere, that doesn’t make any sense at all……If you are Guilford County you support your coaches and if you are a fan of ND I could see your bias, but we are not here to make it personal, you can settle that somewhere else……

  5. That’s funny I’ve seen you comment on coaching and coaches several times. Roy Williams ring a bell

  6. As long as the fans don’t get personal with it, I usually don’t have a problem with it and as for the colllege coaches, that is a much different story….When you are getting paid 1, 2, 3 million dollars a year, you better be ready to take some ciriticism, but there is still always a line it comes to personal attacks and that is where we all have to be careful…..Roy, Coach K and Mark Gottfried all included….

    Roy Williams is a great person and a fine coach, but I still think you have to try and wear him out when it comes game time if you are fan of the the other team and then, you do all you can to wear him and his Heels out…..

  7. My apology to the website. Didn’t see guidelines or rules on what coaching level you can comment here. Thanks for the info

  8. Not a problem we are just trying to do it the right way and believe me, we do mess up, especially me and we just have to keep on trying…It is that plain and simple…..Thanks

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