Still seeking nominations for the Players of the Year and Coach of the Year

We are still seeking nominations for the Public School and Private School Baseball Player of the Year and the Private School Softball Player of the Year and the Public School Coaches of the Year for baseball and softball…..We are also considering adding in a Player of the Year for just outside our area…..

Send those nominations to and we will begin voting on these People’s Choice Awards on Monday and go at for right at two weeks and the winners will receive a large plaque from Crown Trophy on Spring Garden Street….

Already receiving nominations are Jaylin Davis(NEG), Tiger Miller(HPCA), Richie Sanfilippo(Caldwell), Johnny Rollins(WES), Matt Orth(SWG), Tyler Marion(WCD), Corey Kimber(Dudley), Keaton Haack(NWG), Dallas Newton(SEG), Nico Mancuso(Caldwell), Blake Butler(SEG), Matt Millaway(NEG), DJ Reader(Grimsley), Sean Geoghean(SWG), Nino Marrero(WG), Justin Reece(SEG), Craig Jaoobelli(SEG), Adam Kirkman(WCD), John Olczak(WES), Patrick Nusdeo(WG), John Iorio(WG), Adam Gunn(Eastern Guilford), Caleb Robinson(Shining Light Academy)….Send the nominees to….

*****We need some more names from Softball to get it rolling….*****Send the nominees to…Coming in Brooke Pegram(WG)…..More softball nominees coming in….from SEG Celeste Sheppard, Kara Shutt, Brittany Vaughan….from Page Cynthia Long and Haley Green….from NWG Morgan Coleman….from Southern Guilford Mason Marshall and Robin Stoner….
from Northern Ashton Dobbins….Taylor Hall(Northern Guilford)

We will take the top five vote getters in each category and let the people vote and decide….We need some softball names and if we were going with five or so, from just outside the area for baseball, we might go with:
Nick Monroe(Eastern Alamance)
Zack Littell(Eastern Alamance)
Alan Sharpe(Burlington Williams)
Brock Deatheridge(Western Alamance)
Daniel Kennedy(Western Alamance)
Adam Smith(Western Alamance)
Tommy Marshall(Southern Alamance)
Landon Biggs(McMichael)
Lucas Martin(McMichael)
Easton Welch(Randleman)
Dylan Ward(East Forsyth)
Zack Scudder(East Forsyth)….Send the nominees to….


  1. Not trying to take away from these awards that would honor our hard working kids but just how fair is it if you are letting the public vote when John/jane Doe could get his/her mom, dad, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and anyone else to vote for them and rack up the numbers when someone who may be more deserving of it gets the shaft?

  2. We will whittle it down to Top Five in each category, based on those that were nominated and the Top Five will be worthy opponents and then we will turn the public loose and let them vote…It is similar to a competition and you have to win…You will have to get people to vote for you in an American Idol style competiton and if work on it, you can win….

    I just delivered a plaque today to one of our basketball winners and his coach called and thanked me, and that made it worth it all…That was a good thing and this comp is good thing….It teaches you, you have to hustle if you want to win and you can’t sit back and watch someone take that prize from you…You have to go get it and you will earn it, if you go get it……

    Long story short, the Five that get in will be equally worthy in each category and no matter who wins they will be able to say that they are qualified and I hope they all have fun with it…It does turn some people off, but many do enjoy the competition…..Just being crazy we could take them all down to the field and have a home run derby, but the voting seems to work good here on the site and I do thank-you for your input…You sure got me off and started talking too much…We go quiet now…..

    *****Some might say, “my kid will never have a chance to win”…If you sit back and do nothing you will never win…..*****

  3. I agree Andy. At some point as parents we are going to have to stop pampering our kids, because each level of life brings on a new challenge. We have to train our kids to work hard for what they want and at the same time help them to understand that sometimes that hard work may go unrecognized, but that doesn’t mean to throw in the towel. Just as they are trying hard to obtain that goal so are many others. Sometimes I think it’s more so the parents who want the recognition then the kids. The kids alot of times just want to have fun and enjoy just the competition amongst their peers.

  4. So what if they don’t win…..That does not define them as a person or their ability. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone will always have their own.

  5. Baseball takes an entire team and looking at this list all of them just about are pitchers. Yes pitchers are a vital part of the team but how about giving some of the hard working kids that bust their tails and play hard and help make the pitchers look good a little credit. Unless it is a no hitter the pitcher did not do it all by himself.

  6. Just for discussionary sake, some of those pitchers are pretty good hitters too….

  7. I agree with that but you have some exceptional kids that play the field but it seems that gets lost sometimes in all the hype about pitchers. The 3A conference has some great pitching but is made up more of average pitching yes Sharpe, Monroe, and Huffman are great I don’t think anyone would dispute that and they are complete players.

  8. * has a valid point. 3 guys that come to mind very fast are Brandon Riley (Williams), Daniel Kennedy (Western Alamance), and Lucas Martin (McMichael). Watched these guys all year long and they absolutely tore it up with the bats. No doubt of the fact that both Monroe and Huffman can bring it with their arms and their bats as well. As Mid State proved to be very tough with a large amount of pitching talent this year, it would seem that the hitters (and I know there is more than just these 3 that had a great year) should stand tall for their efforts against such oustanding competition.

  9. No pther offensive player was even close …
    Having followed Northern Guilford softball all season long (and cheering hard for NW Guilford too) — I couldn’t agree more with Northern’s coach) from MaxPreps):

    Player of the Year

    #13 Taylor Hall

    Taylor was the glue that held us all together this year. Making inspirational plays at second base, as well as critical hits to get us through some of the toughest games. I am very proud that she pushed us all to do better. Great effort and attitude! Always had a smile and willing to make the hard choices. A true leader in every sense of the word. I expect even more from her next year.

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