ACC Baseball Tournament for today at NewBridge Bank Park with GA Tech(2-0) vs. Clemson (1-1) and State vs. Carolina at 7pm seats still on the hill

Very big/huge matchups today with #8 SEED Georgia Tech(2-0) vs. Clemson(1-1), in the 11am game at the Tournament/Championship Series and the winner of Georgia Tech-Clemson will be in the Championship Game, on Sunday afternoon, at 12 Noon…..

North Carolina vs. N.C. State tonight at 7pm and the seats are SOLD OUT, but you can still get a spot on the hill, or stand and watch with your General Admission ticket…

There should be a sea of Red, Blue and White inside that stadium tonight……

If N.C. State wins, they move on to the final game to face the Georgia Tech-Clemson winner for the Title, but if North Carolina gets the win, Miami is in the finale…

Tech and Clemson battling going into Saturday play, while N.C. State and North Carolina sit at (1-1), plus Miami at( 2-1), can only sit and wait for the outcome of the State-Carolina contest……Miami defeated UNC earlier in the pool play and that gives the Hurricanes an edge in the head-to-head over the Heels, if UNC defeats State tonight……

N.C. State will be giving the ball to their ace, the freshman Carlos Rodon, at (9-0) on the season and the Wolfpack is hoping he can carry the Pack, back to the ‘Title Game’, a position that they were in when the Tournament was last in Greensboro, back in 2010, when the Wolfpack met up with the Florida State Seminoles, in the ‘Sunday Showdown’…..

Day Four has a lot in store, as these teams try and score and go through that illustrious door, that will take them to the ‘Top of the Hill’, on Sunday afternoon….

Today’s lineup from

Georgia Tech @ Clemson
ACC Championship (NewBridge Bank Park, Greensboro, N.C.)
11:00 AM
TV: RSN/ESPN3 (SIRIUS 94 :: XM 190)

Florida State @ Virginia
ACC Championship (NewBridge Bank Park, Greensboro, N.C.)
3:00 PM
TV: RSN/ESPN3 (SIRIUS 94 :: XM 190)

North Carolina @ NC State
ACC Championship (NewBridge Bank Park, Greensboro, N.C.)
7:00 PM
TV: RSN/ESPN3 (SIRIUS 94 :: XM 190


  1. Oh I bet i can roll up tonight and get some great seats from the Florida State crowd for the NCSU-UNC game. Then I will buy some Sunday tickets from some UNC losers after tonights game if they have not sold them already.

  2. According to the acc web-site, Clemson is 1-1 and does not automatically go to the championship wth a win today.

  3. If Clemson wins they would have to move on since they and Virginia would both be (2-1) and Clemson would have the head to head, but UVA beat Clemson and if UVA beats Florida State and Clemson and UVA are both (2-1) then UVA could go to the Finals based on their win over Clemson…

    Kind of Crezy and a bit confusing and nothing cut and dry about this tournament…Would be simplier to follow if you had a bunch of unbeaten teams, but not the case at all…

    In this case you are right and the beat goes on…..Clemson (1-1) going in….

  4. After more research and study, if Clemson beats Georgia Tech and Virginia tops Florida State then all three would be (2-1) with Tech over VA, VA over Clemson and Clemson over Tech and then what do you do….

    Georgia Tech needs to beat Clemson and it will all be settled and if they all three finish (2-1)…..WHERE DO WE GO FROM THERE….

    Will check back in here later….On to the parking lot, a broom awaits me….

  5. Georgia Tech up 5-1 in the bottom of the 5th Inning over Clemson so this all may be a mute point…TECH could soon be (3-0) and headed to the Finals….

  6. 5-1 Georgia Tech in the bottom of the 9th…Lookd like the Jackets are in…..

  7. Andy,
    It is moot point, not mute point. Sorry, just a pet peeve, because so many people say mute rather than moot.

  8. Did the follow-up and by of Webster’s page 1468 you are on the money for moot, as in dealing with it will be academic and it is a moot point or points, Georgia Tech is in on Sunday….Good point on your point….The other one, mute, would deal more with a period of silence or creating silence and that is not from Webster, but from me and it makes sense so far and with this and everything we do, we will leave it open for discussion…I love the open forum, the more the merrier…..Good info…

  9. ACC Baseball is the best and I prefer Wake Forest baseball on WBRF 98.3FM. Since Wake is out, I will be pulling for N.C. State tonight.

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