NCAA Baseball Field Set:Florida Gators #1, plus UNC vs. Cornell and N.C. State vs. Sacred Heart

Round One Games coming up this weekend with:
Chapel Hill
Cornell(31-15-1) vs. North Carolina(44-14)
St. John’s(37-21 vs. East Carolina(35-22-1)

Sacred Heart(25-30) vs. N.C. State(39-17)
Vanderbilt(33-26) vs. UNC-Wilmington(38-21)

Charlottesville, Va.
Oklahoma(38-22) vs. Appalachian State(39-16)
Army(41-13) vs. Virginia(38-17-1)

See all of the teams from ESPN when you CLICK HERE….All 64 from…..

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  1. how did local boys do this year? mc swaim,ridge,livengood …..GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

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