We will start the Player of the Year voting on Tuesday

We will start the High School Baseball and Softball player of the year voting here on Tuesday and we already have the Public School Baseball part worked out and we will be voting on Jaylin Davis(NEG), Keaton Haack(NWG), Corey Kimber(Dudley), Dallas Newton(SEG) and Matt Orth(SWG)……

We will adding up the other nominees throughout the day and we will have the baseball and softball spots for you on the left hand side-column on Tuesday and then let the voting begin…..


  1. All very good players, hard decision to make. Kimber and Newton both had great year pitching. Orth had great year hitting and pitched well latter part of year after injury. Davis and Haack had great year as well. All good young men.

  2. The selection is very tough, all are good players. I would have to go with Davis though. Very good player. Pitches, Short-stop, Outfield (just about anywhere) all year long. Would be a good player to have on the team, just doesn’t fill the spots but good at playing them.

  3. Davis also has a good bat. Last I heard he had 7 homeruns and .469 batting (back before school ball ended). Watched him play Legion ball the other night did very well. He hit his second home run for the legion season (announced at game).

  4. Newton, Haack or Orth…..its a no brainer! Both two way guys that do it with both the bat and on the bump on the 4A level…..sorry played 3A baseball in high school and 4A baseball is a whole different level!

  5. Remember alls these guys have played against each other in some fashion or form. A kid can’t help where their school is. 4A may be alot different than 3A, but alot of these kids are playing alot bigger ball outside of school. So technically you can’t judge them by that. We really need to stop judging by 2A, 3A, etc. Guilford County has several good players that are overlooked because of this. I wish them all good luck. They all are good players. Andy what’s your take on this? What is really the criteria to be a “Player of the Year”

  6. Also the difference in 4A and 3A is the number of students that attend the school. That’s the only reason for the title (2A, 3A, 4A). Anyway congrats to all the Guilford County baseball players. You represented us well. Whether you continue your careers after high school or not keep pressing forward and achieve all that you can. Your parents have alot to be proud of.

  7. Comment coming in from Coach Charlie Pannell:

    I have got to go with my boy– excuse me — MAN — Dallas Newton. He
    posted tremendous numbers at the plate this year and hit several homers. He has
    all the tools to play outfield for a D1 team. A couple of pro scouts this
    year made the comment that the Tarheels will have a tough decision to
    make— play him or pitch him. Dallas had several stolen bases and hits with
    power from the left side. If he lays down the bunt most high school teams can
    not throw him out. As to his pitching ability— Dallas did not post a loss
    as a starter on the mound this year. He has command of 4 pitches–
    fastball at 90 plus– a great slider– downward movement on a straight change up
    and a sharp curveball. He has the ability to call his own pitches and is
    lights out on fielding his position with the ball hit to the right side and
    covering first base. He has the tools and can be a craftsman. Make us proud
    in Chapel Hill Dallas.
    Charlie Pannell

    PS– Dallas you looked great on the mound last night against a Legion
    team loaded with college players and signees. You called a great game and the
    slider and straight change up made the 90 plus fast ball even more
    effective. You faced a team with 9 good hitters in the lineup. Legion ball is not
    like high school where you face 4 good hitters and the rest you can let up
    on. You even picked a couple of runners off first base.Good job. When you
    see Austin Bain tell him he was awesome in relief last night. His slider and
    split finger or forkball were both unhittable. It is great to see how you
    guys are prospering on the mound with the freedom to call and throw what you
    want. The same goes for Craig Jacobelli– he was great Saturday night.

    Coach Charlie

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