Grimsley Whirlies are moving on to the next level(Grimsley Track Removal and Rennovations Photos)

Grimsley had three more college signees on Tuesday. Jeremy Chandler-football (Brevard College D-II), Will Albright-tennis (UNC-G), and Justin Stanley-wrestling(Gardner-Webb University-walk-on).

We are not sure what the total is for all the players going to the next level from Grimsley, but I would say that it has been another good year. Where is that Roxanne Henshall going….Isn’t time for her to head off to college??? She has that Tennis game, the Basketball game and the Soccer game to take along with her….I guess you could say that, “That Girl has Game”……

Henshall to Whirlies Hall of, “You got Game”……A new call for the Hall of You Got Game…….

Also check out the Track Removal and Rennovations at Grimsley when you CLICK HERE….

Andy notes:I used to run on that track at Grimsley back in the 80’s in the All-Comer’s Track Meets, burning that mile in about 5:15 or 5:20 and we used to do a last lap for the Greensboro Marathaon on that track and what a last lap that always was, after you just ran 26 miles through town…..Man that old track at Grimsley was smoking back in the day…..