Since the Charlotte Bobcats didn’t get Anthony Davis, what are they going to do now?(Look what happened when the Carolina Panthers got stuck with Cam Newton!)

Remember last year when the Carolina Panthers were so stuck on the fact that had to have Luck, Andrew Luck, from Stanford and then he decided he wasn’t coming out and he stayed in school with The Cardinal for another year….Well it didn’t turn out all that bad for the Panthers, when they did not get the man that they intially wanted and the Panthers ended up with Cam Newton….

And how did that finally turn out??? Not too bad at all, with Newton at the helm of the Panthers’ offense, if I remember correctly….

Now the Charlotte Bobcats are facing a similar problem, since they have missed out on Anthony Davis out of Kentucky, now that the New Orleans Hornets, have the #1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft……

As for the Charlotte Bobcats, what are they going to do now?

The Bobcats won’t get Davis, so why not work a trade, where they trade down and surrender their number two pick and throw in a veteran player too, like the trade-happy Tyrus Thomas and then the Bobcats could work with a lower draft spot and maybe pick up two more later first-round picks to go with it and then you have yourself three picks to work with, maybe two or three in the first, or two in the first and then one more early second-round pick….

Then you work on a package that will bring you Tyler Zeller, Kendall Marshall and John Henson…..You get yourself a center(Zeller), a true point guard(Marshall) and a forward(Henson)…..Move D.J. Augustine to the two guard along with Kemba Walker and have Walker also play backup point and with Gerald Henderson as a swing man, you have a very young and up and coming lineup….(You may even want to work a trade that will send Walker elsewhere.)

Make some moves and move your #2 pick around, with a swap with another team and then proceed to go after Zeller, Marshall and Henson…Should sell some seats too and these three would work out for you, unlike Sean May, a few years back…..Raymond Felton did fine in the backcourt, but they traded him off….

Go after and get Zeller, Marshall and Henson(or some combination of the three) and there is a very good chance that Anthony Davis will become an afterthought……

There you have it, now start to make these major moves, it is time to trade/wheel and deal…..


  1. Okay Andy slow your roll a little. All 3 of the players that you mentioned are projected to go in the first round so how in the world could Charlotte get all 3 or even 2 of these guys. Other teams are trying to improve their player quality also. Plus, based on what I saw on TV the other night, New Orleans was the only team with multiple picks in the top 20. New Orleans is the team with the real power in this draft. Charlotte needs to just stick with the #2 pick and make the right decision. We don’t need a bunch of good old players that others are trying to get rid of or that will not be any good 2 years from now. Every draft has hidden gems.

  2. What I’m seeing and saying is make a package presentation….Trade down to get maybe two picks in Round One and hope maybe someone slips down to Round Two…..Marshall, Zeller and Henson could be the Jonah, Job and Moses of the NBA…..

    Thomas, even Walker and the #2 for some other team’s lower Round One selection and you have to deal with a team and there are a few out there that have two decent First Round picks and there’s got to be somebody out there that wants to move up to #2….

    That Bobcats could not have made it to the playoffs with just Anthony Davis…..It is going to take a lot more than just him to turn your team around…It would have required spending more money….Would have been interesting to see him and Chris Paul working the ball together in New Orleans though…..

    I think it was Rick Bonnell that was doing some Bobcats speculating today at the Charlotte Observer on-line and good stuff…..

    Get that package deal working to bring Marshall, Zeller and Henson to Charlotte…….They will be the Jonah, Job and Moses of the NBA….

  3. Andy, what makes you think we want to watch a bunch of ex-unc players? I am not sure i would associate that cheating bunch over there with men from the bible, unless of course they all speak Swahili.

  4. Not pulling any punches….This team needs to get to at least 20-25 next season or they might be headed to Swahili…..Not sure that those 3 we mentioned cheated, I think that was coming from the football team, but any way you slice it, it is time for ‘The Parting/Helping of the ACC’s’ and they need to do their PART in Charlotte….All three of them need a Job, so why not go to work down in Charlotte…..

  5. The Bobcats need a complete overhaul. New coach in Jerry Sloan and they just need to go out and bring players in from all over the place. Any of the three Tar Heels would be a big help. Seek Zeller first and then Marshall and Henson in that order. If they could get all three that would be super. But it will take more than that. This organization needs leadership and discipline and that must come from someone other than Michael Jordan. He was blessed with talent but not discipline. Rich Cho is the man from the front office that must turn this team around. Michael Jordan, Rod Higgins and Fred Whitfield are all just taking a pleasure cruise. Cho must step up and get in somebody’s face and proceed to turn this thing around and get the team back on solid ground. This year’s draft and the off-season moves that the team orchestrates will make or break this franchise.

  6. Cam Newton would make a big difference if he were in the Charlotte Bobcats lineup.

    He is a proven winner and the Bobcats are not.

  7. Andy, 23 basketball players from 2007 – 2009 took classes in that African American Studies program, some under Professor Kangaroo. Even T Hansborough took Swahili classes. Several were in the summer classes where there were no tests, no syllabus, and no attendance as the Professor was in Africa all summer, which is why one of the reasons the SBI has stepped in. Professor paid 12k to teach a class when he wasn’t even in the country. Calls into question the 2009 championship team and how many would have not been eligible without the help of the school Dean. 59% of the 560 kids in the classes were athletes. It was not just football players and basketball players. It covered athletes from 13 other sports. More troubling is the Dean of the school during those years was none other that Holden Thorp. Andy, if you’re going to be a sports information site you need to know what is happening. All public information.

  8. I don’t know if this whole UNC story is from a Law and Order episode or the latest issue of Mad Magazine. Sometimes nobody is incident and it appears this UNC story is one of those. I am willing to bet Andy’s mortgage that at least 2 SEC schools will be under serious NCAA violations within the next 2 years. Someone just needs to cross the wrong player, adm or teacher and then the truth will slowly come out just before it all hits the fan. With so much money and the pressure to compete and get programs up to consistent high levels, someone will final crack up the pressure. In fact, it may happen just like it did at UNC with an “innocent” chat/text while hanging out. Let’s hope the next round of the Bobcat’s and UNC history is not like the last round of UNC and the Bobcat’s.

  9. At least now I know where my Summer School money is going…..I am currently just trying to build a team in Charlotte and I don’t care if my players come from UNC, UNCG, UNCW, UNCP or UNCA…..We have to get this Bobcat team turned around….The Panthers seem to be heading in the right direction and now we need to get to the Bobcats straight….Wish Charlotte still had that Kobe Bryant pick that they sent to LA for Vlade Divac…..

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