‘The Fantom’ Fan of the Month Contest is still on with just about one day remaining

Time to get in, ‘The Contest ‘The Fantom’ Fan of the Month Contest’…..

97.7FM ‘The Fantom’ and are bringing you the Fan of the Month Contest where you get FREE shirts, tickets, doughnuts, car washes and more…… Shirts from Jennifer Green and Lisa Dames at Lucky Dog PawPrints, Tickets from, Doughnuts from Mr. Bennett at Krispy Kreme on Battleground Avenue, car washes from The WaterWokrs, with Taylor McCaskill and your very own plaque from Norb Burske at Crown Trophy on Spring Garden Street…..Come and get it……Just about one day left in this month’s contest…

*****We have a list of all the names that are in the contest at the bottom of this post and if you are not in yet, it is time to head on up to the plate…..*****

Leave us your name and make sure you use a valid E-mail address and the E-mail address will only be seen by us here at the site…..We also want to know this month, who is your all-time favorite Major League Baseball Player and who is your current favorite Greensboro Grasshoppers Player….

If you need a little help there, just use these two resources, and….They have players and rosters that you can resource….

Your chance to win Four ‘T’ Shirts, Four Tickets to an upcoming Greensboro Grasshoppers Baseball Game, Four Dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Four Car Washes from the Waterworks Car Washes(Battleground, West Market, Fleming at Inman Road and on Radleman Road), and a Fan of the Month Plaque……

Now is the time to get started….We will end the contest on Monday/Tomorrow at 8pm……If you don’t want to leave your name here at the site, send me your name, Favorite Major Baseball Player All-Time, A current Favorite Greensboro Grasshopper and send it to….We will be printing a master list of names and your name will be included on that list, strictly for promotional purposes only…..

Leave your name and your Favorite Players in the comment box…..

On the bases trying to come home with the prizes:
Rocky says:
Pete Rose
Austin Brice

Andrea Velasco says:
Josh Hamilton
Brent keys

77 Hornet says:
Johnny Bench
Jose Fernandez

Mick says:
Brooks Robinson
Joshua Adams

JD Higgins says:
Joe Torre
Brent Keys

Eagle Dad says:
Mark “Amazing” Grace
Michael Caldwell

chuckyd says:
Derek Jeter
Austin Brice

GFan says:
Pete Rose
Brent Keys

Kim H. says:
Chipper Jones
Matt Smith

Jeremy says:
Babe Ruth
Jose Fernandez

Bruce Payne says:
Dale Murphy
Rand Smith

Lisa Burgess says:
Pete Rose
Brent Keys

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