Big Game in Kernersville tonight as the Greensboro Reds take on the Kernersville Bulldogs

Our local Greensboro Reds adult baseball team, from the Greensboro National Adult Baseball Association, is set to travel to Kernersville tonight to face the Kernersville Bulldogs, from the wooden bat organization in the Carolinas/Virginia League….

Big Game tonight with many local players involved including the Bulldogs’ Ray Crawford, Cal Sutphin, Macon Smith, Johnny Brown Jr. and others and the Reds have Kyle Warren slated to take the hill and he will be backed up by Jeremy Jones, Jason Rook, Joey Peascoe, Jermaine White, Bubba Donathan, Josiel Colon, Ronnie Burkes, Eric Kimber, Frankie Johnson, Travis Moore and more….

Game time is set for 7pm weather permitting and many fans are calling this a “Super Bowl” of local baseball…..


  1. Even the Bobcats won 7 games this year out of 66 Salvino so what’s your point. Consider mysefl to be very smart. Hope you can do the same. Either way I’m pulling for the Dudley guys on the reds….but go bulldogs…. The person that’s not smart at all would be the one that compared this to a SuperBowl instead of a World Series….C’mon man!!!!

  2. When have the Reds best the Kernersville B.ULLDOGS…not the Brewers . Last week they best the Chop … Last year they best Marlins …both were in last place and did not have full rosters at the time Reds are 1-3-1 against XCEL and BULLDOGS are 4x defending champs

  3. Only a one game setting so it has to be compared to a Super Bowl as in a one game deal…If they are playing more than one game over the next few days, then maybe a Series, but as it is more like a Super Bowl or Super Ball as Pete Rozelle’s little daughter once said…Some have also said it is like the World Cup, The Masters, The Daytona 500, not much like the NBA Playoffs and I hope it doesn’t become like Wrestlemania, but we do hope to see all of you at the game tonight….Could be ‘The Game of the Week’, ‘The Game of the Month’ and the ‘Game of the Year’ all rolled into one….

    You just never know till they throw out that first pitch and it is set to go at 7……

  4. Hub, its one game not a series, but you can ask the coach about that.
    Jealousy seems to be really burning you up.

  5. Well, maybe a world series game seven would be a better comparison Andy….end of that.Sal, i can call you Sal since we are friends now..LOL after all you did call me Hub as my friends do…. It is really not that serious…..Jealous no reason and nothing to be jealous…sounds like you are scared of the coach if you ask me…Lets play ball!! See you at 7 Andy…:) ….Sal if you want to talk stats i will refer you to TDN…..

  6. How is the coach of the reds not smart? He somehow got that hard throwing lefty from the rebels in a trade. Seems to me he knows what he’s doing. Just bc he said its like the Super Bowl y’all are gettin all twisted. I mean hell nobody is getting paid in this league. Who cares? Just go out and have fun playing baseball. Stop being a bunch of drama queens and just let the guys play the sport.

  7. Reds coach smart enough to load up with plenty of talent and they’re bringing it over to Kernersville to the beat the Bulldogs tonight.

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