Last Day of Voting for Baseball/Softball Awards

Voting Ends tonight at 8 PM for Player of the Year (Public & Private / Baseball & Softball) as well as for Coach of the Year (Baseball & Softball).

Call your friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. We’re the GreensboroSports Idol of voting, hit the web instad of the phone.


  1. I recognize Westchester, and Tyler Marion. As well as High Point Christian, Wesleyan, And Caldwell. And watched each player represent their school when these teams played each other. And I can honestly say you knew these players were there and they were competitors !!!! Can someone please share with the world who is Shining Light, and did they play ANYONE.

  2. I know Shining Light, and Caleb Robinson. He is a fine young man, as well as a great baseball player. However, I must say that I have never met Tyler, heard of Tyler or any of the other young men in this category, but I am sure just like Caleb they are all great players as well as fine young men. Just like the others voting, I choose to vote for the player that I know, as which we should. Good luck Caleb, Good luck Tyler, I wish you both the best in where ever the Lord leads you!

  3. Caleb is da bomb yo. He has mad skilz . Headed for the big time. Thats right. What?

  4. I have no reason to doubt CALEB. I still dont have my answer about who does shining light play. I dont think winning a popularity contest with an internet vote makes anyone a great player.

  5. Eric , it sounds like if you would pull your pants up you could probably dunk with 2 hands on a 6 foot goal!!! da bomb

  6. No matter who Shining Light has played doesn’t mean he is not a good ball player or not deserving of being listed. He also plays showcase ball for GBC where he produces for them as well. I have seen Tyler, Tiger, and the kid from Caldwell play and they too are good players and deserving of being here not because of where they play at or who they play but because of THEIR talent. All players were deserving!! The contest is more of a popularity when it came to voting so whoever wins congrats on a great season.

  7. @Josh: And I don’t think running down kids you’ve obviously never seen play on a blog makes you knowledgeable about baseball. What, did your kid not make the list?

  8. What about Weston Wilson? The kid going to Clemson and will probably get drafted?

  9. i enjoy the news on this site.. but this has to be the most ridiculous contest on earth. At least most of the of idol voters see the participants perform. I was at a lot of private school baseball games and dont recall seeing 5000 fans let alone 50000!!! Congrats to the winners but like I said not a fair way to determine PLAYER of the year. And yes JD Springer my kid was on the list.

  10. your kid should have had the auto voter like the winner. can you belive that.

  11. Automatic Voter?? Wouldnt that be an unfair advantage?? I had a friend tell me saturday afternoon that he could set up a program that would vote automatically and there would be no way for my son to lose. Obviously I declined his offer. It is unbelievable the lengths some parents will go to so there little Johnny can win a ridiculous contest. Someday when he has to do it on his own without your manipulation of the rules hows he gonna come out??

  12. Pretty unlikely that someone would write an Automatic Voter. The Page Code changes on every refresh, so they would have to write the program in such a manor that the code could be read automatically. What we did see was a lot of Cell Phone Voting, often in large batches minutes apart. We did hear of parent putting out flyers in their neighborhood and passing them out at their church.

  13. @ Josh and all the others that have issues. I promise I had NO program code or whatever it is. I did ask friends on facebook to vote. I did not put flyers out. I’m sorry your pick did not win. But putting down kids or schools on here because they won a vote based on friends and family voting is ridiculous. Caleb is my son so I may be bias. I know Tyler Marion and Tiger Miller my boys have competed against them before and they are great talents too. All kids were deserving of being nominated and even to win. For whatever issue you have with Shining Light then that’s your issue.

  14. Tyler Marion is my son. I voted a lot and so did Tylers family and friends, we stopped well before the voting ended because I told everyone it was ridiculous when the numbers got as high as they did. Stop the madness its over. Congrats Caleb and everyone who voted, and congrats to all who were nominated.

  15. Very good input from Tim and Danny and congratulations again, to all of the nominees and to the winners….Good time to get moving on and I just wonder what LeBron James would do in this situation, say it was LeBron vs. Kobe vs. Kevin Durant for the Player of the Year……..

  16. Tim I agree with you. I don’t know if you remember me but my twin boys plays with Scott Clemons on GBC. So I know he is a great player and very deserving as they all were. Congrats on a great year at Westchester I seen you guys won states. Good luck to Tyler in the future as I know he will play the next level somewhere.

  17. Thanks Danny. Good Luck to you guys.We did win state. Finally figured out how to beat Caldwell !!! Tyler had a solid season as a freshman playing Varsity, and it was quite an accomplishment for our guys players and coaches. I am sure we will see you guys around the field this summer. AND Andy what would Lebron do??? LOL

  18. Danny I dont know if you have heard, But Coach Jenkins (TPG head coach) has been diagnosed with non hodgkins Lymphona. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. We had some great times playing you guys back in the days!!!!!

  19. Tim, I did see that on facebook about Jenkins. I actually was riding with Scott Clemons this past Sunday going to a game and asked him if he had heard and he didn’t so he called and talked to him and let him know we were thinking and praying for him. Can’t take anything for granted. And you are correct we had some very good games with you guys at TPG the way baseball was supposed to be played. Good luck on the field to you guys and keep us updated on Jenkins. I try to keep up with him on facebook too. Either way we are praying for him.

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