Looking for the state’s top Athlete:Best-ever athlete from North Carolina:Petty, Peppers, Justice or Thompson????

Who is the Best-Ever Athlete from our state????

This poll is being conducted by Caulton Tudor and the News and Observer, out of Raleigh….The top four choices would be Richard Petty, Julius Peppers, Charlie Justice and David Thompson…..Who is the best-ever athlete to come fron the state of North Carolina? I would vote for Thompson, but Peppers was probably the best all-around athlete, when you look at his football and basketball skills…Charlie Justice has a lot of football history on his side and for Richard Petty, he won a lot of stock car races, but the car won the races and Petty just sat behind the steering wheel….How fast could Richard Petty run down the road and bring you back a can of gas? I think I am a better athlete than Richard Petty ever was…I have been at this thing for 40-some years, but I am not in the running, but ‘King Richard’ and many others are…..(I still have a sub-5:30 mile in me and that has to worth something in this race!)

The top four seeds and we have to keep in mind that you had to be born in North Carolina to qualify…Michael Jordan(New York), Tim Duncan(Virgin Islands) and many others were not born here….

Again, those Top Four Seeds….
The four No. 1 regional seeds are (alphabetically) – Charlie Justice (football), Julius Peppers (football and basketball), Richard Petty (auto racing) and David Thompson (basketball).

CLICK HERE to read all from Mr. Tudor at the News and Observer…..

*****Editor’s note:Most people used to call me the ‘Best There Was, the Best There Is and the Best There Ever Will Be’ and then Bret Hart came along and stole that title from me….*****


  1. I get tired driving 200 miles to the beach at 65mph, imagine driving 300 and 400 miles at 180-200mph in bumper to bumper traffic, you look up athlete in the dictionary and there should be a picture of Richard Petty beside it.

  2. You had to be born in North Carolina to qualify and Michael Jordan was born in New York….

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