Upcoming HS Football 7 on 7’s and Guilford County QB’s for 2012

Quite a few 7 on 7’s coming up over the next few weeks and we zeroed in on some of those with Northern Guilford coach Johnny Roscoe yesterday….

This Saturday June 16…7 on 7 at Guilford College….Northern Guilford will be there…Page and Southern Guilford were there last year….Guilford College 7 on 7’s always have around 8-10 teams…

This Saturday June 16…Smith High School at Pinecrest with hobbled coach Rodney Brewington leading he way after suffering the ruptured Achilles Tendon while playing in a pick-up football game 13 days ago…

Monday June 18 and Tuesday June 19….7 on 7’s at Elon University….Northern Guilford will be there and last year Page, Northwest Guilford and many others were down at Elon….

Carolina Panthers 7 on 7’s….Middle of next week…..Northern Guilford will be there….

Wake Forest 7 on 7’s…..Hearing this one is coming up next Saturday at Wake Forest….In the past teams like Dudley, Smith, Grimsley and others have been there and Northern plans on being there this year….

Holt Brothers 7 on 7’s….Should be coming up the last Saturday in June and this year it will be held down in Raleigh, instead of at the old spot of Eastern Guilford…Eastern, Page, High Point Central, Dudley and others were always there….

Nothern Guilford will hosting teams from South Carolina and later going down to Dorman, South Carolina for a big 7 on 7…..

Page will be attending a National 7 on 7 event down in Hoover, Alabama in July…..

Grimsley made the 7 on 7 trek to Richmond County last Summer and we will have to see if the Whirlies plan to return…..

Most of the Guilford County Quarterbacks for this upcoming season…..
Jordan Putnam(Page)
Jake Simpson(Grimsley)
Richard Hayes(Dudley)
Will Greene(Southeast Guilford)
Kid just back in fron South Carolina(Smith)
Coalson Herndon(Ragsdale)
Justin Johnson(High Point Central)
Andrew Ritz(Northwest Guilford)
Burney Sindab/Austin Coltrane/Ryan Dirks or one other(Northern Guilford)
Heath Justice(Eastern Guilford)
Quinten Chavis(High Point Christian Academy

Others…Let us know……

Top runningbacks back include TJ Logan(Northern Guilford), Jamal Petty(Southeast Guilford), Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford), Malik Moseley(Southern Guilford), The new kid at High Point Central….The Jones kid at Grimsley….And more….Send us few we know there are more out there and Page will that top-notch receiver Tevin Morrison back and he caught three TD passes in the right corner of the end zone last season and I’ll never forget those…One versus Ragsdale, one versus Dudley and one in the playoffs…..

More to come as you send things in….


  1. Who’s the QB over at Smith??? Is Simpson going to play football this year? I heard he’s had a lot of concussions in the last couple years. Also What about Northern? Huge shoes to fill with Downing going on to the next level. I know they have Logan but who was taking the snaps during their 7 on 7? Sindab was the backup last year is he going to be the man to take over the Nighthawks? Can Putnam take over after Summers? He’s got a lot of pressure to keep the Page team rolling after winning it all last year.

  2. Most think that Simpson will play for Grimsley….Sindab, Coltrane, Dirks or one more kid at Northern for QB….

    Smith QB is a kid that just moved back into town from South Carolina…Senior was here as a sophomore….

    Putnam can handle it at Page…He will do just fine…Smart young QB and has never lost a game in high school….

  3. Who are the teams to beat this year? Im assuming the usual suspects?
    Page, Dudley, NW, Ragsdale, NG, NE?
    Sleepers? SE, SW, WG, EG, Smith?
    I love this time of year, lets talk some football!
    What u guys think?

    Mark S.

  4. I would say 9am at the Guilford College 7 on 7’s…Last year we were watching James Summers(Page) and Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford) in action and this year it will be a whole new ball game….Time to see the new Northern Guilford QB’s go at it and if PAGE is there, we will get a good look at Jordan Putnam, as he begins his move to the top leadership spot in the PAGE system….Last year Putnam was throwing passes to Page WR/SB/QB James Summers, as the Pirates were working on some new wrinkles in their offensive sets….Good opportunity to see the Skill position players in action and I plan on being there at 9am unless I hear otherwise and if anyone gets any other info about the start time, please let us know……

  5. Page 7 on 7’s

    June 19th – @ Elon – 6pm
    June 26th – @ Elon – 6pm
    June 28th – Providence Grove @ Page – 6pm
    July 17th – NW Guilford @ Page – 6pm
    July 25th thru 28th – Page @ Hoover – 7 on 7 National Competition

    There were some more dates that were open, and I believe Coach G was trying to work out some more 7 on 7’s on the schedule. If any dates get scheduled, then I will find out and let you know.

  6. I wish I had some true insider information to give you guys. The only thing I can tell you is that the only team to consistently beat this upcoming Senior class at SEG is Page. That goes back to when this class was 8th graders. I think Page isn’t going to lose much. i know that sounds crazy considering they had James Summers, but I think they are the team to beat. SEG has a real shot to be there if they make the necessary improvements on defense. I have been assured that they will be better on both sides of the line and that secondary play will be better. In the Metro look for Page followed by SEG and Dudley.

    Somebody hit somebody already!

  7. I agree with you Damon, Page, NW, SE, NG and Dudlley will be strong. SE should finish in iop 3 no problem, have a shot at 1 or 2.

    Vegas MIke

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