David Lawing steps down as the Northeast Guilford baseball coach and might Brad White be the man to replace him?(It looks like he will)

Coach David Lawing has stepped down at the head baseball coach at Northeast Guilford High School and he has also retired from teaching….Lawing has been coaching baseball for 31 years and he will stick around and be the Rams’ assistant next season…..Ram assistant for the past 13 years and the man guiding the NEG Colt team at Memorial Stadium last night, Brad White, will be the new head baseball coach at Northeast Guilford….

Coach White knows the team inside and out and if they were looking for somebody to take over, they could search far and near and they wouldn’t find a better choice than Brad White….White is the right man for the job, right now….

He’ll have Jacob Watkins coming back, Austin Peoples coming back, Caelan Canady coming back, the younger Millaway coming back, and few more to go with those, so who knows, NEG might be right back in the big hunt in 2013 and for sure they are back around and going conference legit within the next two to three years….Coach White has coach Sugg and the little man with the plan to help him build this team up and with Coach Lawing staying around to help out as well, the Rams won’t be hurting, you can bet on that…..

The full story with the breakout from the News and Record:


  1. sorry to hear.

    if Carter williams shows up at NE next year, it will help them tremendously. One of the best pure hitters you will see and he can fly the bases. and he is only going into 9th grade. will be fun to watch him next 4 years.

  2. considering he went to EG middle school, williams and family have some issues to work thru if he ends up at NE. if legit, sure the NE coaches would love to have him. leaving EG (jay white) for NEG (brad white) should make for some interesting family get togethers!

  3. Congratulations to Coach Lawing on a great career as both a teacher and a coach.
    I had the pleasure to work with him for 26 years at the high school. He also did a fine job teaching both of my children.

  4. Coach white sure can hit a softball!……lol, He is one of the good guys, NE is lucky to have him.

  5. It was a pleasure to play for Coach Lawing. I appreciate everything he did for me and Northeast baseball. He taught us a great deal about baseball and life. He is a class act. Congrats on a great coaching career, he will be missed.

  6. If he does end up at NE it won’t be the first kid NE has ever recruited from EG’s district and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It always amazed me to see the NE fans whine about Northern when they have been doing the same thing a lot longer than Northern was. If Williams ends up at NE I would expect Coach (Jay) White and AD Hackett would be all over that.

  7. don’t know that “recruited” is the correct word in this case. not every kid that leaves a school is recruited, some chose to leave on their own. most would not admit it, but any GC coach would love to have this kid. but, NE should be very strong for the next several years regardless of where he ends up.

  8. Transfer says doesn’t know what they are talking about. NE has never recruited, but I guess if you can’t ever beat a team you have to make excuses as to why

  9. 77Hornet….. Josiel went to Guilford Middle 1 year and accelerated middle school to complete 7 and 8 grades in one year. He was definitely at a disadvantage academically going into hifg school. My family went to guilford county schools and requested permission for him to attend NE for two main reasons…. role model in Luis and to graduate. After being with us for 4 years, we and his family were probably the two proudest families at graduation last week. Josiel graduated and taking his athletic ability to the next level. If any others of you are willing to open your home to a disadvavtaged teenager to provide him the opportunity to get his high school diploma, I am sure Guilford County will approve the school request.

    This thread was about Lawing and you have to zing a kid anf family that have worked hard.

    Good luck to Lawing in his retirement, to White and Simpson in rebuilding a program after graduating 9 senior players this year, and good luck to Josiel as he moves to the next level.

    Emily Paula

  10. Did not zing anyone. Just said that if he could go to NE, then it’s possible for the Williams kid too.

  11. Coach Lawing was my 7th and 8th basketball coach at NE Jr. high lol yes Jr. High. Also, was the assistant Jr. High baseball coach. He was tough when he needed to be but over all a pretty laid back coach. Learned how to channel my anger playing for him, which was Very beneficial for me in the long run.
    Good luck coach and enjoy retirement!

    Jaquar(Mike) Moorman

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