Construction continues at the New Dudley HS Football Stadium(Photos)

Was over at Dudley High School today dropping off a plaque, for our Baseball Coach of the Year, Larry Farrer, and I was able to take a look at the construction going on, on the new Dudley football stadium and they tell me that that the work is on schedule and they should have it ready, for the first game of the new 2012 season, on August 17….

There will be a new field house and you can see it in our photos, plus the visitors side will be on the same side as before, but the seats will rise much higher into the air…..The home side seating will not go quite as high up, but it will be longer and wider than before, with lots of room underneath the home side, for storeage and concessions…..You can see the new entrance on the home side, with the work being done on the new very large ticket booth and Dudley will have a brand new look, with their new stadium this Fall/end of Summer…..

They were sodding the new football field today and there will be an eight lane track around the new football field…..

Check out all of the photos below and we will try and get by and shoot an update in a few weeks…..Just CLICK ON one photo and that will let you start and go through the whole/entire set….