A little bit of a Lull now in the HS football 7 on 7’s

They just completed Week One of the 7 on 7’s down at Elon University and they will reusme action there next week, again on Monday and Tuesday(June 25 and 26)….There should be something comming up at Wake Forest pretty soon and they usually do a combine there on Friday and then the Wake Forest 7 on 7’s on Saturday…In the past, a few times, they have done the combine on Sunday…..

The Carolina Panthers had their 7 on 7 event this past Tuesday….Many teams are enthralled in the daily grind right now, with most choosing to go in the mornings with 2 hour workouts, being the norm….Looks of those two-hour workouts going on right now and later in the Summer, there will be a bunch of mini-camps taking place, at the different high schools…..

Southeast Guilford always takes that little trip down to Northwood and that will probably come with a scrimmage, as opposed to the 7 on 7 workout….Northeast Guilford has run a fairly large 7 on 7 in recent years and we will have to keep our eye out for that one too…..Others are coming(NWG at PAGE) so keep a look out, here on the site……

If you see or hear of any going on, be sure to let us know more, so we can let everyone else know what is going on…..

That is the 7 on 7 update for today….