High Point Central-Smith 7 on 7 football today

Ben L. Smith and High Point Central got together for 7 on 7 acton today and the word coming out of High Point, is that High Point Central was by far the stonger team and Justin Johnson, the HP Central QB, will be one of the top quarterbacks in our area this season…..Johnson has been turning a lot of heads, with his improved passing game and he is one of the faster QB’s around, when he decides to tuck and run with the ball…..Johnson has the Bison primed to make a run in the Pidemont Triad 4-A Conference this season…..The High Point faithful are saying, “Look out for High Point Central”, this could be the ‘Year of the Bison’…….


  1. The Bison have IMO one of if not the best team in the area this year! They will be tough team to deal with!

  2. Coach Brewington from Smith told me last week that Smith has a kid at QB that was at Smith in 2010 and then moved to South Carolina and now that same kid is back to QB Ben L. Smith in 2012…..Pettaway, Poindexter, Jackson or something like that….We will try and find out for you….

  3. SEG has played 3 7 on 7’s thus far. The only one that was competitive was Ragsdale. There may be some competition at starting QB. We shall see. There’s a good lookin’ Sophomore out there that looks talented, but Will has a ton of experience and has been solid over the past couple of years. Worst case scenario. The future looks bright at the QB position.

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