Thomasville pulls out a nail-biter at Southeast Guilford tonight, as T’ville goes to (15-1) after a 14-13 victory

Junior American Legion Baseball at Southeast Guilford tonight:

Thomasville 14
Southeast Guilford 13

LP:Austin Coble
SEG-13-12-3……Thomasville now moves to (15-1) overall, with their only loss being to Eastern Randolph…..Excellent work by the SEG pitcher Austin Coble and his defense just broke down behind him late in this game….SEG was up 11-4 and then 12-6, headed to the top of the 6th inning and then Thomasville started their rally…..Again very solid job by Coble overall and good work behind the plate by Josh Blackwell and then at the plate for SEG, Tommy Michaels had a very big night, with a Triple, a Double and a Single…..

Home runs early for T’ville, at least two of the long balls, one a two-run shot and one was a solo shot, but SEG still had the lead, up 12-6 after the middle innings…Coble threw a lot of pitches for SEG, but you’d have to say, that the young man gave it his all, for Southeast tonight…..

Josh and Tyler Wilson(High Point Central) were strong out there for Thomasville in the win….

Former Southeast Guilford shortstop and now Florida Gator third baseman Josh Tobias was at the game and Josh is all grown-up now….Taller, stronger looking and much more mature from what he was back in the days at SEG, with the Falcons…..Josh is starting to sound like his dad Andrew when he talks and that kid Josh Tobias, is growing up fast and he said he due to hit the Cape Cod League for the Summer, next Saturday……

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  1. I could not be prouder of the effort given last night by so many YOUNG Falcons. The middle infield and first base was manned by eighth graders or rising ninth graders. Third base was manned by a risinsg sophmore that had never played third before. On the mound was a eighth grader or rising nightgrader . These kids battled as a team and never quit. Thomasville was a bigger ,older more experienced team that was on the ropes and got lucky in the end.
    David was kicking Goliath’s tail but Goliath slipped away . To you young Falcons— You play as a team— win as a team and lose as a team.
    No one error or play good or bad decides the outcome of a game like this one– Feel good about your team effort and come back to fight another day. FEAR THE FALCON !! Charlie Pannell

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