Butch Davis’ son, Drew Davis ready to play football at North Carolina

Drew Davis, out of East Chapel Hill High School, is headed to the University of North Carolina to play football as a preferred walk-on and there are a ton of ties, tied into this one….Drew Davis dad, Butch Davis, is the former head coach at UNC….Drew Davis former high school head coach, Bill Renner, has a son(Bryn Renner) at UNC and he is the starting Tar Heel quarterback….Drew Davis will walk-on at UNC in an effort to become Bryn Renner’s backup at QB…..Tons of ties to this one and where does this leave Marquis Williams(Mallard Creek HS) and James Summers(Page HS/Hargrave Military Acadmey) with Drew Davis coming in????? I’m just saying and I’m just asking?????

Here is the official word on Drew Davis headed to the University of North Carolina from WRALSportsFan.com……We join East Chapel Hill coach Bill Renner with his comments on Davis to UNC…..

“I talked with UNC and they told me he did enroll,” Chapel Hill (N.C.) East head football coach Bill Renner said. “Other than that, [Drew] didn’t tell me why, how, when, or any of that other stuff, because I haven’t talked to him in two or three weeks… I figured he would call me if he needed me, but he has a pretty good support system as it is.”

According to a source close to UNC, Davis, a 6-foot-2, 195-pound quarterback, was offered a preferred walk-on spot and enrolled in the second summer semester. A similar offer was extended by Miami, where his father coached for 11 seasons, including six as head coach.

“The last thing that I had heard, which was in May, was that [Davis] was going to go to Miami,” Renner said. “They had been after him since January, [because] they wanted him to come in early. Drew just wanted to be a free agent to see what was out there. He knew he didn’t have to rush it.”

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  1. James will be playing defense at Hargrave.
    The main reason Summers flipped from State to UNC was that State told him he’d have to prep a year in order to gain admission. UNC told him they could get him in school this year so he flipped. How did that work out for James? He may stick with his UNC committment and attend next year but if I were him, I’d look elsewhere besides both UNC and NC State. I doubt if State would recruit him a 2nd time since he flipped on them.
    BTW–where was the media announcing his attending Hargrave rather than UNC? They sure made a big deal on his flip.

  2. You never cease to amaze. I guess the only way to justify in your mind that a guy switched from UNC to NCSU is to assume something dishonest happened. How about the simple fact that he wants to play QB in a spread offense like he ran in high school? I guess that is too rational.
    Always has to be a conspiracy doesn’t it?

  3. Drew Davis was the top high school quarterback in the state last season per passing yardage….He must have thrown for at least 35-40 TD’s too….This kid could be the real deal and we will find out for sure come early August…..

    He could be a backup and looking to get some playing time by late October or early November….When does North Carolina play N.C. State this season??? David Amerson from Dudley High School should be set to have a super year and N.C. State really needs a runningback….Somebody send TJ Logan a Wolfpack cap or shirt and that kid can run down the road….

  4. Andy, no way Drew Davis sniffs playing time. Marquise Williams and Kanler Coker are scholarship players that the coaches are high on. They also just got a commitment from Mitch Trubinsky, a 4 star QB from Ohio in the class of ’13.
    The Davis kid must really want to go to school at UNC, because he won’t be playing. Not sure why he wouldn’t want to to a FCS school that throws a lot like Elon.

  5. It is common knowledge that the State coaches told Summers that he would have to prep before gaining admission to NC State.
    They were also honest with him and told him he was being recruited as an athlete with a chance to try to play QB.
    Summers himself was saying that he thought he could start at UNC this season. Who would have filled his head with that? For him to say that he would have had to at first be led to believe he could gain admission to UNC.But hey, afterall that future Rhodes Scholar Dwight Jones got in UNC and was rejected by his 1st choice school—-Clemson.

  6. Crackride,
    You are making assumptions as to what he was told in order to fit your story. There are minimum standards an athlete has to meet in order to pass muster with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Summers and his coaches at Page have known for two years that was unlikely. Do you really think Kevin Gillespie would allow Summers to be misled by UNC?

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