Final night of the Elon University 7 on 7’s

We are looking for a report on Monday night at Elon….Anybody got any news? If you do, please send it our way…..

TONIGHT at Elon U:This is it and they will close it all out this evening, down at Elon University, with the high school football 7 on 7’s….Page, Northern Guilford and Northwest Guilford have been in attendance and this is the last night for this year…..


  1. Andy – some big area names in Page,Northern,NW – who are the standouts from these teams this year? Would be great to see a Page NW match up this year.

  2. Top name is RB TJ Logan from Northern Guiford…..Jordan Putnam the QB from Page will be a top player and NWG returns two very good backs in Reid Baxter and Anthony Harding….Both are very talented at RB and will probably split the load for NWG this season….

    PAGE vs. NWG is due in the next week or so, for the 7 on 7’s and I think this one will be at Page….

  3. Page looked awful today. I doubt that they will win a game this year. Teams should not worry about the Pirates this year.

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  4. Good one Brian, however I don’t know what passing scrimmage you were watching, which I doubt was neither of them…Sounds like you just throwing a bunch of hot air around…Actually Page’s # 1’s looked really good…Jordan threw great and they have three really good receivers…I can’t wait to see them play with their lineman…Two names on the d-line tha you will need to keep an eye on are their two DE’s…6’2″ Grant Brewer (2 year All Metro Team) and 6’6″ Lorenzo Featherstone are gonna wreck havoc on QB’s this year…

    One suggestion Brian, actually come out and watch before making ridiculous comments, because anyone that was there knows better…hahahahahaha

  5. Yeah, I didn’t catch the for sale sign until after I posted. MY BAD!!! hahahahaha

  6. It’s funny, because many people have said and will probably continue to say that Page won’t be that good this year because of all the graduated talent. Page isn’t Smith, ladies and gentleman, no one and done here.

  7. I don’t know who is saying Page isn’t going to be good. Yes, they lost Summers and Drew, but these kids (Seniors) have been winning since they were in middle school. The talent is still there! They have competed and won at every level. They are going to be good. Football is going to be good this year in Guilford County. Page, SEG, and Dudley will lead the way. Northern and TJ Logan will have the spotlight!

  8. Yeah, I agree with you Damon; however, I will have to say that most Page fans have been hearing that without James they’ll be no where as good. Well, take nothing away from James, because he was a stud no doubt, but these rising seniors are good too like you have mentioned. Apparently, you’ve seen our younger guys or have at least heard about them; therefore, I understand where you are coming from. The rising seniors have never lost a game at Page High, and that means a lot. They know how to win, and that is important. If Lorenzo Featherstone can bust his hind end the next two years in the classroom, weightroom, and on the field, then he’ll be the next big recruit in our area. Him and Grant Brewer coming off the edges are going to be an exciting thing to watch as Page fan.

    I’ve watched the 7on7’s and Jordan is throwing really good. The three receivers that Page will put on the field this year will probably be the best core of receivers that Page has had in several years. Combining a very experienced offensive line, then Jordan has a chance to be successful.

    The metro is going to be tough this year no doubt. Page and Dudley of course, but SEG will be tough and may surprise some people with what they have coming back. Grimsley will be better this year. I’m thinking Smith and Western will still be down. The Metro will be fun to watch, and I would bet that any of the Metro teams who make the playoffs will have a chance to make some noise.

  9. Oh, I didn’t mean to leave out Southern Alamance, but they’ll have some good players too. #5 for them will probably be the best offensive player in the Metro this year. The offensive player of the year could go to him, Jordan Putnam from Page, or the Petty kid from SEG. Dudley will have Hayes kid back at QB and has a good shot at it as well.

    Defensively, I think Grant Brewer gets this award. The kid is that good. He was All Metro as a sophomore and junior, so this could be his super year. I know Dudley has some very good linebackers coming back (I don’t know their names) and they could be in the fight for that defensive award. As for other teams defensively, I really don’t know much about but would love to hear of some names and their positions.

    IMO Conference Standings:
    1. Page
    2. Dudley
    3. Southeast Guilford
    4. Grimsley
    5. Southern Alamance
    6. Smith
    7. Western Guilford

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