Question coming in at the ‘Front Desk’:Any word on the WG 7 on 7’s from today?

When we get a key ‘question of the day’, we share it with our readers…….The One for today is:

Any updates on how the 7 on 7 at Western Guilford went today?

*****We have received word that Southern Guilford was the overall WINNER today in this 7 on 7…*****

7 on 7 football at Western Guilford and maybe Hornet 77 has an update on this one or possibly Mr. Craig Foster or Enad Haddad…..All fine Western Guilford people as are Scott Holland, Fred Fitzgerld, Don Rumsey, Macon Smith, Joe Turkson, Eric Davidson, Chuck Ralls, Mark Midkiff, Jeff Stokley, Ron Shirley, Mike Shelton, Ken Gordon and many others…..Somebody knows and we want to know too and who knows, maybe 2 Wants to Know too…..Brian Hall at your service……


  1. Word coming in right now telling us that Southern Guilford was the WINNER today in the 7 on 7…….2:18pm

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