The Big Ladies AAU Event:The After July 4th Basketball Bang!(Hosted by Delaney Rudd and Team Phoenix at the SportsPlex)

This coming Thursday begins the Big AAU Event in Greensboro, at the Sportsplex, right
after the 4th of July bang! Its the Ladies AAU Ballers Ball of all Balls! Its the
dress rehearsal for potential college bound players and college scouts that will
invade and converge off of HWY 29 in search of notable talent from local and out of
state that will be at the event. Lady Phoenix which is headed by former NBA player
Delany Rudd and staff will host the event. Out of state tags from coaches and
players with signify and infuel capital for both the event and local merchants. The
young student athletes will be working hard to make sure that their name stays in
front of the coaches recruiting list as they migrate to other events that will take
place through out the month. Yes, this is a critical moment for student athletes
whom are rising seniors this year. July could be there last audition as coaches
narrow down their list of whom they will offer scholarships
too. For many parents it will be just as nerve racking especially with the early
signing period looming in November. By no means is this a chance for the younger
players to slack off bacause they feel as though they have more time to prove
themselves of being considered for a scholarship in the future. Coaches are now
offering way early and also they are dropping that same offer if they see some one
else better. Sorry, but that is the nature of this business. Its not personal. So
get excited and come attend and support future college prospects as they work hard
from July 5 through the 8th to make their indelible mark here in Basketball country
and State Greensboro, North Carolina.

*****The Greensboro SportsPlex is located on 16th Street, just off of East Cone Blvd. at Highway 29 North……*****


  1. The tournament dates for the Gate City Classic at the sportsplex are July 5-7. The talent here in the triad is just as good as any in the country. There is a lot of young talent that will be showcased over the next month.

  2. Andy you go to many of the local games. You should do a piece on who the next top players are in the area for boys and girls.

  3. Burnett, Boggs and the Big Girl from Southern Alamance…Paris Kea at Page along with Barnes and Coleman at Page, a few girls at Dudley, but your real core group is going to be Greensboro Day, with Rogers, Thorpe and company….Page vs. GDS in the 2012 Pizza Hut Finals…

    Jackson Kent-HPCA
    Sam Hunt-Dudley
    Reggie Dillard-GDS
    Theo Pinson-WES
    Jaquel Richmond-WES

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