Update on the new home in Winston-Salem for Wake Forest football:WEGO 980AM(Where Bill Flynn is moving in!)

Just picked up another update today on the new Wake Forest football station in Winston-Salem and they have plans to bring back Bill Flynn(99.5/WMAG…94.5/RUSH Radio), plus “The Eagle” is looking to have newsman Smith Patterson(WSJS 600AM) in place and they may be considering a move to lock down J.D Higgins(98.1FM) and have him do ‘Calling Carolina’, his look at different roadside destinations across our fine state….Could Jack Murphy be coming on board later on??? He used to work for “The Eagle”, back when 107.5 used that moniker….

from Wikipedia.org as they look at WEGO 980AM:

On July 4, 2012, new owners Ralph Epperson Broadcasting Inc. switched the format from Spanish back to English. The station now is all Local News/Talk and features many of the same local personalities who worked at rival News/Talk Winston-Salem, NC station WSJS-AM 600. The new WEGO-AM 980 is also branded as “The Eagle 980 WEGO-AM”. The goal of the new station is to be VERY live and local to the Winston-Salem community. WEGO-AM 980 is also the brand new flagship radio station of The Wake Forest University Radio Network. The Eagle 980 will now air all football/baseball/basketball games of the W.F.U. Deamon Deacons. WEGO-AM is the sister radio station to 100,000 watt WBRF-FM 98.1 in Galax, VA and WPAQ-AM 740 in Mount Airy, NC.

7 thoughts on “Update on the new home in Winston-Salem for Wake Forest football:WEGO 980AM(Where Bill Flynn is moving in!)

  1. ASK SAM in the Winston-Salem Journal reports: WEGO also will carry nationally syndicated programs, including those of Mike Huckabee, Laura Ingraham and Michael Medved.

    Smith Patterson will do News/Sports starting from 6A to 10A, with Flynn joining him at 7a to discuss the issues of the day.

    Flynn reported on his Facebook page, he will be joined by 3 others (5 person team including Patterson).

    The station can be heard in the car in Greensboro during the day; not so much inside offices and homes. I’m sure more news will be forth coming.

  2. Why is Wake Forest putting their sports on one of these rightwing repulbician type of stations? I cannot even stop for a second on 600am any more because of them carrying the Rush “crazy” show for so many years. Wake is a better program than the type of programming it will be associated with on this new station.

  3. One of the things that Sports Programs have proved: People will selectively tune in for the game and NOT stay for the radio station. It’s why most of the Top-10 Radio stations in our area no longer carry any games. Smaller stations need the cash.

  4. Good idea to get Bill back…He is a major name and I hope he stays on till 10am and they don’t cut him off at 9….Sounds like they may be doing an information hour from 9-10 though….Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Fortune Tellers, Dog Chasers and that sort of thing….

    Could be a real good mix of radio, with Mr. Flynn ready for it all to begin, on Monday…

  5. Good to hear Billy is back and it won’t be long I’m sure Rod Davis will be right there with him with Rod in afternoon drive playing some or doing some oldies talk. They were the best ever when they were on WMAG and it will be good to get them back on the air. How ’bout the Atlanta Braves on that station? We need to get them back too! WE GOing to have a good station again in the Triad!!!

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