Holland Auto Care Greensboro NABA All-Star Game with HR Derby Today at Western Guilford HS(Cal Ripken Jr. vs. Pete Rose)

*****Coming TODAY to Western Guilford High School on Friendway Drive, just off of West Friendly Avenue*****(This will be the biggest game in town tonight/today…..)

Holland Auto Care Greensboro NABA All-Star Game and HR Derby

The Greensboro National Adult Baseball Association All-Star Game at Western Guilford High School, presented by Holland Auto Care and Scott Holland, with the Home Run Derby beginning now after the All-Star Game proper at 6pm…..See full roster of both teams below…..

2012 Greensboro NABA All-Stars

Team Pete Rose

Manager Enad Haddad

Reds: Jeremy Jones-OF, Travis Moore-OF, Jason Rook IF/P, Kyle Warren-P,
Jermaine White-OF, Jesus Santiago-C, Darris Sawyer-2b, Terrence Penn-OF
, AJ Williams-3b/P

GSO Yankees: Joseph McIntyre-OF/P, James Cotten-OF/C, Daniel Wilson-IF/P,
Kenny Graham Jr.-OF

Braves: Jordan Skinner-SS/3b, Chris Carter-OF, Mark Welch-P/1B

SPD Yankees: Gabe Jones-3b/P, Tyler Ammons-OF

Team Cal Ripken

Manager Tony Axe

Orioles: Ryan McGrath-3b, Michael Axe-3b/OF, Jacob Vernon-C, David Cook-1b,
Eathan Bradshaw-2b, Taylor Lee-P, Kaleb Houchins-P, Zach Royals-P

Rebels: Robby Hoopes-SS, Mitch Sailors-2b, Phil Perkins-OF, Brian
Tucker-3b, Johnathan Shelton-P/1b

Brewers: David Martin-2b, Will Taylor-3b, Garrett Hickman-P

Expos: Scott Wells-SS/P, Andrew Martin-P/IF


  1. Good idea, wish they would have done the HR Derby at 6 and the game at 8pm, but that is OK, as long at they get to play….

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