Is there another Dudley assistant coach out there? Seagraves at Dudley, Abell at Page, Partee at Smith and Grimsley still needs a coach????

You have seen already this Summer, former Dudley Panther assistant coaches going to Dudley(Brian Seagraves), Page(James Abell) and now Smith(Derrick Partee)….

The Grimsley Whirlies still need a boys basketball coach and the question comes up, is there another former Dudley High School assistant basketball coach out there that can fill that void at Grimsley???? Dudley has all of the sudden become the ‘Cradle of Coaches’, in the city….If another former Dudley assistant coach could step up and be ready to move to Grimsley as their head basketball man, with the men’s program, Dudley would have the city locked up, with all of the former assistants leading all of the programs in the city….

Let’s see you still have Ferguson, James and Waddell as former Dudley assistants that might still be looking for a head job….Looks like Coach James has retired, after serving with coach David Price for many years and Coach Waddell has moved on over to Smith, to be with Coach Partee and Coach Waddell will run the Smith boys JV basketball program…That leaves Coach Ferguson and I am not sure at all of his intentions….

Maybe Grimsley will look at one of their own former assiatants in Evan Fancourt, or at the combo of Ben and Ken Free, wno ran the Grimsley JV team this past season….Or why not take a page out their past and bring back very successful Bill Walton, who was Grimsley for several years and most recently, he has been coaching the Reidsville Rams…..

Is there another former Dudley assistant coach ready to fall in line and take the Grimsley job? Dudley has already put former David Price assistants at Page(Abell), Smith(Partee) and back at Dudley(Seagraves)…..