WXII TV 12 is now missing from Time Warner Cable and how will you get to see your Sunday Night Football Games and the Summer Olympics?(Scott Pryzwansky has details)

WXII TV 12 gone from the Time Warner Cable System as 11:59pm on Monday night and now how in the world will you get to see your Sunday Night NFL games this fall and what about the Summer Olympics???(WXII and TWC could not reach a carrier agreement.)

I heard them talking about this on WSJS 600AM this morning and WXII TV 12 is gone from Time Warner Cable, but you can still get them on Direct TV, The Dish Network and on your regular over the air TV, not hooked up to Cable….

This is BIG, real BIG as they used to say up in Mt. Airy/Mayberry and read all about from the WS Journal when you CLICK HERE….Scott Pryzwansky, formerly with WFMY TV 2 now the spokesman for TWC, has details…..

CLICK HERE for News and Record link and they have several comments on there about this situation and we hope to have more from our TV and Radio expert Don Moore, here at GreensboroSports.com later on today, but for now the Today Show is on/in ‘Jeopardy’