‘Catfish’ Hunter knocks ‘King’ Richard Petty off the throne and now will take on David Thompson to be the state’s ‘Top Athlete’

Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter has knocked ‘The King’ Richard Petty off of his throne and now ‘Catfish’ will battle ‘DT’ David Thompson to determine who is the all-time best/top athlete to ever come out of the state of North Carolina, from the News and Observer Poll coming in, out of Raleigh…..CLICK HERE to read all about the poll and to check out a great article/story/post on the great Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter, from Caulton Tudor, with the News and Observer(Raleigh), by way of the Charlotte Observer…

Great article on the great, Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter….How he got his name, his perfect games and no-hitters and his high school football career, where he was All-State…..Hunter died in 1999, from ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease….

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  1. It takes more of an athlete to drive a car 200mph than it does to throw a baseball 60 feet these people made a mistake.

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