Big Page vs. Northwest Guilford 7 on 7 tonight at 6pm at PAGE

Northwest Guilford at PAGE tonight at 6pm and I was out at NWG for this one last year and a big thunder storm came in and washed the contest out and let’s hope all goes well and they get this one in this evening, as this one rolls into PAGE….

Lot’s of new looks out at NWG this year with a brand new fieldhouse, press box, bleachers (home & visitors), concession stand/restrooms & 8-lane track. Lots of events & activities being planned to launch the new facilities…. NWG will also be breaking out their new matte black & red helmets this season…..

We have been mentioning many of the Page players including QB Jordan Putnam, WR Tevin Morrison, LB/DE Grant Brewer, DB Carter Stanley, DE Lorenzo Featherston and more and from NWG we have been calling out QB Andrew Ritz, RB/DB Reid Baxter, RB Anthony Harding, plus NWG will bring it with DB/WR Ethan Tinlger, DB Kevin Parrish, LB Aiden Smith and others and there is a very good chance you will get to see all of these young men, plus many more in action tonight at Northwest, as the Vikings battle defending NCHSAA 4-AA Champs Page, in preseason 7 on 7 football tonight at PAGE…..

Great chance to see some football, as the teams are getting closer and closer to hitting that first day of official practice on August 1…..

*****Feel free to add some more key players if we have left someone out and that is not the intention, the intention is to get people thinking and talking football and we hope that is working for you….*****


  1. Last I heard it was 6pm at Page…..Lots of construction still going on at NW

  2. Just wanted to let everyone know, Lorenzo’s last name is Featherston, without the E at the end.

  3. I just hope these two teams will meet up again in the late rounds of the 4AA Playoffs.

  4. Got it and thanks to all on the updates and we are right on top of this one….Anyone know how long this one might last tonight???? 6 unitl say 8, or later?

  5. I know you can’t make too much out of a 7 on 7 but…..NW looked really impressive tonight on offense and defense. Their QB #11 can make the throws and they have multiple WR’s that were making plays. On defense their DB’s were all over the field making INT’s. Very impressed with NW Guilford tonight! I’m about ready for some real football now!!!

  6. NW did look really good tonight you guys have a good looking team. Good luck this season and hopefully we see you guys again in the late rounds of the playoffs. Always fun when Page and NW play each other!

  7. Congrats To Northwest on the win at Page. Page was looking a little off I don’t know what it is but there is something missing. But Page top receiver Tevin Morrison was doing his thing. Everything that came his way he caught no doubt about it. This kid just might be what Page needs and is looking for in games. But don’t get me wrong its a team thing but Page will have to step it big time. But congrats to WR Tevin Morrison on his outstanding performance yesterday night.

  8. Page looked alittle off sync and confused early on because they were trying to get ready for the National Invitational 7on7 tourney in Hoover, Ala. While the offense was on the field the coaches were callings plays from the sidelines and the players had to use armbands with the plays on them. Down at Hoover there are playclocks used in the tournament, so they were trying to mock this. It looked like they weren’t comfortable with it and it showed a bit. Basically they were using this 7on7 as a warm up for Alabama.

  9. Page fan. I don’t think this was a win or a loss. Page and Nw were working on different things. They were even throwing from different distances. As pager says the team was working on getting ready for Alabama. They agree they were out of sync based on the play calling.

  10. From what I saw Page should be more worried about the season and less worried about some 7 on 7 competition. That or maybe Northwest is a team we all need to be talking about. This was certainly a one sided affair.

  11. Yeah, let us Pirates all push the panic button over a 7 on 7…Granted, they looked rough and have lots to work on, but if any of you had been to the rest of their “passing scrimmages” then I doubt you’d be “OMG the season is over already”…

    I’ve been to every single one of their 7 on 7’s and this was the first one in which they’ve struggled…Yeah NWG looked very good and has athletes and will do well this season, but it was an off night for Page…And I’m sure NWG and their players had a lot to do with the off night, so I’m not going to take away anything from their team…The Page players looked off, and it happens…If you think Peyton Manning goes out every single game with his receivers and throws for 300 yards and 5 touchdowns, then y’all are as stupid as you sound…Chance Maness (S) at a camp, AJ Capel (CB) out sick, and Shedrick Pate (FS) out with a calf injury all were missing on defense. NWG probably would have came out and still have done well with these three starters in there, but your defense could be a bit off with three starters out…

    Offensively, and this is what I’ve heard now, so I don’t know how true…Page is getting ready for Hoover, but they are getting ready for Hoover by going five wide…Page moved their RB up to receiver, and some of the receivers were confused and running wrong routes…Typically for Page (including Elon) they run their normal offensive plays with a RB in the backfield; however, they were running the passing packages with the RB up and it was confusing some of them…I can see how this may have been true, because you could tell the kids were confused when they were getting the call and then asking Jordan what to do…In a lot of plays I saw receivers in the same area, so I imagine this was true on the confusion…

    Again, there are no excuses…Page better get ready for the season, and I believe they will be ready…Once they line up their lineman, they’ll be just fine…There will be no team in our area that will have that kind of time to sit back and hold the ball for five seconds…That wont happen…

  12. Page is getting ready for Hoover? IMO Page needs to be getting ready for some real football! Moving kids around to spots they don’t play so we can go to Bama and try to win a game of touch football that in a couple months nobodys going to remember anyway…..Come On Man!!!!

  13. NW did look pretty good in this 7 on 7 and Page will be fine once the season starts. Still feel like Page is going to be the team to beat in the Metro……Remember last year NW went to Page and got smoked in a 7 on 7…..This year NW got the best of Page! Hopefully by the end of the season we get where u guys were last year :). Hope to see the Pirates again in mid November!!! Good luck Page!

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