There has been talk of moving the East-West All-Stars football game to the N.C. A&T campus next season

There have been talks this week about moving the East-West All-Stars football game to the Aggie Stadium, on the N.C. A&T campus next year(2013)…..

Word on the street is that they will be re-paving the entire parking lot at Jamieson Stadium, on the Grimsley High School campus, next Summer…

I just ran threw the lot this morning and it looked OK to me, but there are always timetables for re-paving and renovations and other things like…When I was running across the lot and working my way through the campus, my thoughts were that the East-West football game had been played at Jamieson Stadium forever as far as I know and it sure would be a shame to see it have to move over to N.C. A&T next….

Not that N.C. A&T isn’t a good place to watch a football game and the Aggies have just recently completed renovations on their stadium’s press box facilities, but the constant of Jamieson Stadium and the East-West All-Stars footbal game in the Summer, is hard to beat….

Games director Phil Weaver has come out and said, “if we move it next year, we might just be moving it for good”….

Someone brought up that the fact/point, that at last night game, public address announcer Jeffrey Griffin repeatedly was announcing that ‘The Game’ would be played at Jamieson Stadium in 2013…..Maybe they have reached an agreement with the Guilford County Schools over this paving issue….

You would think that they could put together a timetable where the paving could be done as soon as school is out and they would have time to get the re-surfacing of the Jamieson Stadium parking done in time for the games….Say you start paving/working June 10 and that gives you at least 5-6 weeks to get it done before the football game would hit on July 18….

Grimsley got the old running track around the football field at Jamieson ripped up and got the new grass in place in time for ‘The Game’ last night and Jamieson now looks real good around the edges….

Would hate to see the game have to move, but from what we are reading, Phil Weaver and staff are ready to move the East-West All-Stars football game in 2013 and beyond if necessary….

The football is now in the hands of the Guilford County Schools and let’s hope that they don’t fumble on this play, like they have many times on past possesions……

*****With all of the tradition of the East-West All-Stars football game at Jamieson Stadium over the years, sure would hate to see this game have to move and be played elsewhere.*****

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