High School Football ‘Watch List’ continues to grow

*****Names that have been showing up a lot this week through E-mails and texts….Busy week for these young men and the list of players to watch for, just keeps on growing…..Is there anybody that has not gotten their due so far???*****

Xavier Jones-Ragsdale
Winston Craig- Ragsdale
Aaron Fletcher-Southwest Guilford
Jordan Putnam- Page
Carter Stanley-Page
Trey Miller-Western Guilford
Donzie Pierce-Western Guilford
Ryan Dirks-Northern


  1. #14 from Ragsdale…I don’t remember his name, but he’ll be the go to guy for them this year; however, I haven’t heard much about him. What is his name and why isn’t anyone talking about this kid?????? Maybe I just missed it, but I haven’t seen it…

  2. Maybe #14 is Brandon Walker. He was a receiver and a return man last season, and not many players around have the speed of Xavier Jones(Ragsdale), but Walker has some moves….Walker back for his senior year and watch out for Walker.

  3. Upon further review, last #14 for Ragsdale was Terry Fleming a WR and he would be a senior this year…..He was a bit small, but maybe that is who you are looking for…..#14 for Ragsdale?

  4. Maybe I got my numbers mixed up, but Brandon Walker is his name. He should be a senior this year, but I haven’t heard much about him.

  5. @Page Fan: Brandon Walker is an amazing athlete. You should hear plenty about him this coming season.

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