Scrimmage game with Greensboro Green Colt All-Stars vs. Western Greensboro Palomino does not get rained out tonight

It was a scrimmage/exhibition game between the Greensboro Green Colt All-Stars and the Western Greensboro team from the Palomino league and they were really out there to get some practice in for the Greensboro Colt team before the head into their Sectional Qualifiers that will send the Winner to the Colt Baseball World Series in Lafayette, Indiana….

The Greensboro Green team looks strong again this year….Last year they had Corey Kimber kind of leading the way and this year the have a good/nice mix of players that showed some very solid and steady defense tonight….Wasn’t a real serious game they weren’t really keeping score, but I had it at 10-1 Greensboro Green when all was said and done….

It was a good gesture on the part of the Palominos to come out and give the Greensboro Green team a chance to get some game experience against an older group of players and Greensboro Green was able to get a new pitcher out there nearly every inning and that allowed them to get work for a large part of their staff…

Western Guilford changed pitchers often as well and they gave Greensboro Green several different looks……Levi Gessel, Patrick Nusdeo, Brandon Ahrens and others for WG and Zack McLean, Nishi Polisetti and others for GG…..So many changes it was hard to keep up with them all…

Looks like Greensboro Green will be another solid entry from Greensboro in the Colt All-Star lineup for this post-season…….

Greensboro Green team Colt All-Stars:

Zach McLean

Colin Fowler

Trevor Gay

Marque Johnson

Avery Hodges

Matt Horkey

Tim Ambrose

Niko Orfanedes

Michael Matthews

Austen Zente

Andrew Bullock

Nishant Polisetti

Myles Sowell

Greg White

Kameron Pruitt

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  1. I played with the Green team in the 90’s, we spanked a palomino team that was in the world series. We finished 3rd in Lafayette. Good luck to the Green team! Its fun to beat up on everyone!

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