Top tight end prospect from Durham Hillside HS headed to Alabama

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Another top high school football player in North Carolina is headed to the Southeastern Conference.

Hillside High School tight end Josh McNeil verbally committed to Alabama overnight. He visited Alabama on Thursday and Friday.

“I just knew Alabama was all alone at number one,” McNeil said. “I just had to make sure it was where I wanted to be.”

At 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds, McNeil is a 4-star prospect and the No. 4 tight end in the country, according to ESPN.

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  1. You cannot blame him when the SEC has won the last SIX National Championships and the SEC does not cheat like UNC, Miami, GT, and you have to go to class in Tuscaloosa it’s not like Chapel Hill .

  2. @Billy “the SEC does not cheat like UNC, Miami, GT, and you have to go to class in Tuscaloosa”

    That’s satire, right? Half of the Alabama players are functionally illiterate. Just listen to their interviews every year at the NFL draft. The ACC is actually becoming more like the SEC, but without the BCS wins.

  3. No that is not satire, Alabama is usually 2nd in the conference in academic all-conference players right behind Vanderbilt and the NCAA has not even thought of visiting the Alabama campus since Saban has been there, Saban runs a clean program and makes sure the kids are performing in the classroom as well.

  4. I`m not sure I would ever look at Alabama and consider them as all academia in any sense. The boosters are such a huge part of their recruiting success and most know what I mean

    Before anybody begin to feel sorry for unc they landed 3 4-star recruits this weekend. They now have the 19th best class in the nation. A TE not a big part of Fedora`s offense so I`m not sure he is considered to be a big lose. I just hope that this kid is aware that nc kids havn`t panned out very well in Tuscaloosa. As far as Saban running a clean program this program cheated before he got there and they will cheat after he is gone. The more you cheat/steal whatever the better you are at it SEC.

  5. Most kids want a chance to be a NationalChampion and Alabama has 2 in the last 3 years and are in the hunt again this year, if a coach at Carolina goes 9-3 you name buildings after him and give him a raise, you go 9-3 in Tuscaloosa or most all other SEC schools and your looking for a job and Saban has done all this the right way no academic fraud or fake classes in Tuscaloosa.

  6. Teague you failed to mention that 2 of the 3 4 Star guys that unc received verble commitments from also had offers from Alabama.

    I guess Billy they want to play for a championship right.

  7. This happens alot with Alabama guys, these 4-star players look at Alabama’s depth chart and see 2 or 3 5-star recruits in front of them so they see the writing on the wall and go elsewhere to get some playing time happens every year with the Tide, got to go now we are preparing to make another run for a NationalChampionShip no MinekieCarCare bowl for us.

  8. Who care for now where a kid goes to school. The only measure of their success will be #1 – did you contribute to your teams success, #2 – did you graduate or stay eligible, and #3 – will you get a shot at the next level based on your experience at the school whether that is playing at the professional level of sports or your study major.

    From a personal view, I would agree that most of these kids would be better off going to a school like UNC, NC State or Wake because the depth charts are only 1-2 deep instead of 3-4 deep with quality. Most of the ACC schools will give these kids a lot more playing time which should mean a greater skill set and more exposure for the next level. The more playing time means a happier kid and thus better grades. I hope he makes it because it is great to see kids come back after being successful in other places.

  9. First of all lets be very clear here. State of North Carolina is not BIG TIME college prospects USA:

    Florida, Texas, California, Ohio owns those rights!

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