Chick-fil-A Bowl boss calling out N.C. Wolfpack fans:Very disappointed in Pack following!


Gary Stoken President of the Chick-fil-A Bowl:

I’ll be brutally honest, as an NC State guy I’m frankly disappointed in NC State’s support right now,” Stokan said while at the ACC Kickoff in Greensboro. “It shocks me, frankly, because every time NC State played at the old Peach Bowl, they would bring 25,000 people.

“Here we have Tom O’Brien that has done a magnificent job…they have a quarterback that is on all the lists, they have an All-American defensive back in (David) Amerson. I don’t understand why the NC State fans aren’t excited as heck to come to Atlanta, play against an SEC team, that they have a great shot at beating,” Stokan continued.

According to Stokan, Tennesse, NC State’s opponent for the season opener in Atlanta, has sold 26,000 of their 31,500 allotted seats. NC State has sold just 15,000.

In the second of the kickoff games at the Georgia Dome, Auburn has already sold out their 31,500 tickets, while Clemson has sold 26,000 tickets.

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*****Sounds like Stoken is smokin’….*****


  1. I will be there decked out in orange and hope to see my Vols pull out the win. This will be a tough game, but a great place to start the season. GO VOLS!!!

  2. I am a die hard NCSU fan and State graduate but I am not planning on going to this game. Frankly I do not want to fight the Atlanta traffic and deal with the people in that city. It is very much like having the worst parts of Newark, NJ carved out and moved to the south. If Atlanta was not making a buck off of it the people of Atlanta could also give a rip about this game. I remember going to bowl games there and there was no excitement about the game and hardly a mention of the game in the Atlanta newspaper the next day.

    They would be much better off and both teams would make more money playing this game in one of the team’s home cities. I’ll save my money and get excited to root for my pack in my living room.

  3. If the Georgia Dome would allow peeing in the stands I am sure more of our wolfpack nation would come.

    Afterall, we are the best and most delusional fan base in the acc.

    The atlanta fairgrounds would help also. We could knock out 2 birds with 1 stone. The fair early the game later.

  4. Maybe this is a reflexation of the coach and how he approaches games and the season. He is extremely laid back and does not outwardly express any desire for game or the next. If he does not show excitement, it has to lower the excitement of the fan base year after year. State should have let this guy go last year but instead will have to endure him for an additional 2 years at this point. Maybe the Tennessee coach needs to call out Coach O’Brien about his coaching in order to get him excited. It seems to work when UNC does it.

  5. I am surprised at the N.C. State response in early ticket sales…..My thought was that N.C. State currently had the largest fan-base in the ACC’s BIg Four terriority……With all the academic porblems at UNC, their fans have not come out in large numbers in recent years, but State keeps on drawing large home crowds to Carter-Finley Stadium….The Pack needs to step up and step out and get on the ball and buy up these tickets…They surely don’t want to let a bunch of Volunteers take over that stadium in Atlanta…..

  6. Rumor is that urinating anywhere except the bathroom are completely prohibited.

    No wonder there is some much howling going on in the fairground stadium while we are urinating on each other.

    Guys don`t let this discourage anyone from attending afterall we are nc state.

  7. “They surely don’t want to let a bunch of Volunteers take over that stadium in Atlanta”
    Let me tell you those Vols travel better than any ACC team. A few years ago I went to the bowl game there and Tennessee was playing Virginia Tech. It was an off year for Tennessee and they still out numbered VT 2:1!

  8. Wonder who comes out on top in the end here??? ‘Rocky Top’???

    ACC wins this battle 9 out of 10 times…….(In basketball!!!)

    ACC over SEC for life in Hoops and why not make it football too….N.C. State appears to be the better team between these two(Wolfpack vs. Vols) and Tennessee has a Dooley coaching them and that makes you want to beat them even more…..The Pack and the Dooleys go back a few years…..Red and White over the Orange and White and if the WOLFPACK can just get a few more fans down to the ATL they will kick their tales in that aspect too….

    The ‘Battle Lines’ have been drawn…….

  9. Oh and the coach at Tennesee back then? KIFFIN Does that ring a bell State fans?

  10. The ‘Kiss of Death Kiffins’ and some fans say they belong with the Dooleys, down under the jail…..

  11. I was in school at State when Monte was parachuting in and riding his horse around. Not too much on coaching but he was a colorful character.

    By the way what bowl is UNC eligible for this year? Don’t be hatin’ just cause your team is in the toilet this year.

  12. I have been a huge Vols fan since the early 70’s. Now that my son is an incoming freshmen at State, I’ll be pulling for the Pack.

  13. Gfan just wondering why you brought up Carolina? I read through all the posts and noone really even mentioned them except for the fact that the dumb coach pissed TOB and the rest of the Pack off. You would be a better fan/alumni if you put all that energy into Raleigh and the wolfpack.

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